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Overseas Community Management Team (OCMT) members play a big role in bringing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to communities around the world. By supporting volunteers, organizing community events, serving as liaisons between their local community and USAGSO’s support staff they make it possible for girls to learn skills and create life-long memories with their peers and other caring girls and adults of all ages. Whether you are just getting started in this role or returning for another year, you will find some useful resources here.


Getting Informed


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This might not be the first time you have registered with USAGSO, but there are a few additional steps you will need to complete as a member of the OCMT.

  • Background Check – Each member of the OCMT must complete a background check. These are required every three years.
  • OCMT Commitment Form – Each member of the OCMT must complete the OCMT Commitment Form and indicate their position. Completing the commitment form ensures that you will be assigned to the correct training and receive communication relevant to your position. 

If you run into any challenges, we have put together tips and tricks to navigate your way to active membership. Check out the “Registration Help" tab. You can also reach out to  with specific questions and assistance.

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USA Girl Scouts Overseas requires OCMT members to complete training for the OCMT, as well as for their specific position. Once you have completed the commitment form you will be assigned to the correct OCMT training in gsLearn. In your MYGS  account, you will navigate to the gsLearn tab to access the gsLearn catalog of training modules. Be sure to complete the required OCMT training: OCMT 101, GSUSA Successful OCMT Learning Series, and your position-specific training

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Throughout the year, USAGSO offers live Overseas Updates webinars as well as Networking and Office Hours. These are wonderful opportunities to hear directly from USAGSO staff and meet other volunteers from communities around the world. You will hear important Girl Scout news and learn about new opportunities available to the members of your community. All of these opportunities are available via gsLearn. 

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Be sure to opt in to emails through your MYGS account. USAGSO sends a regular email newsletter called The Globe. The Globe is USAGSO’s e-newsletter that provides both volunteers and parents with updates and events from overseas, other Stateside councils, and GSUSA. If you are not getting The Globe, check your spam/junk mailbox or message

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As OCMT member volunteers, parents and girls will be looking to you for assistance and guidance. In addition to completing your required training, it is important for you to become familiar with the Forms section of this website. To get started take some time to review these three documents: Volunteer Policies, Safety Activity Checkpoint, Volunteer Essentials.  These documents hold the answers to many important questions, like the girl to adult safety ratios, registration requirements, the background check policy, and much, much more. Reviewing these documents will help to keep you and your girls safe.  



Getting Engaged


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Whether you are leading a troop or not planning meetings to inform and connect with the volunteers in your community is important and should be regularly scheduled in advance. Each community will organize its volunteer meetings to fit its members, some might choose virtual meetings, others in-person, and some will use a combination of both. There are three types of meetings the OCMTs is responsible for scheduling:

  • Leaders Meetings – The OCMT serves as a liaison between your community and your USAGSO team. Leader meetings will give you the opportunity to convey information, check in on troops, and plan.
  • OCMT Meetings – Regular meetings are also important for the OCMT. There are decisions that must be made to help sustain your community and it is helpful when everyone is on the same page.
  • USAGSO Staff Check-in – Each OCMT has a dedicated membership manager on staff to support their community. Regular meetings with your membership manager offer an individualized opportunity to connect with your USAGSO support team, ask questions, and get updates from Overseas as well as GSUSA. 
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USA Girl Scouts Overseas monitors a Facebook page as well as two private groups to help volunteers across the overseas movement connect and support each other.

  • The USA Girl Scouts Overseas Page – While our groups have restricted membership. You can direct parents and community members to the USAGSO Facebook page for programming and news updates.
  • The USA Girl Scouts Overseas Volunteer Group – This is a private group with hundreds of members all over the world. Experienced and novice volunteers meet in this group to ask questions, celebrate success, and connect with members from all over.
  • The USA Girl Scouts Overseas OCMT Members Group – This group is a bit small and membership is limited to specifically OCMT members. There is no one template for sustaining, supporting, and expanding your Girl Scout community connecting with your peers can be a source of inspiration.

Answering a few questions helps us keep our groups private and gives you access to a world of knowledge. If you don’t have Facebook, don’t worry. The information shared on Facebook can also be found in The Globe.

The Volunteer Facebook page is a private group for USAGSO volunteers, you can direct parents to our public Facebook page, USA Girl Scouts Overseas. In addition to our volunteer group and our public page, there are other great Facebook groups to connect you with leaders across the movement.

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Working with volunteers, parents, community members, and of course your girl members, OCMT members coordinate community-wide events, training, and ceremonies. This is a great way to bring your membership together.