Lady Baden-Powell Award

Lady Baden-Powell Award

In 1959, Lady Baden-Powell visited Panama and created a Lady Baden-Powell Award to be earned by three groups: Las Muchachas Guias (Girl Guides of Panama), the International Girl Scouts of Panama, and the Canal Zone Girl Scouts of the USA. Lady Baden-Powell conceived the idea for an International Friendship Award based upon the 5 "C's" - Communication, Community, Camping, Crafts, and Culture. The award still bears her name today and is called the Lady Baden-Powell Award.

The three original groups than gave permission for this unique award to be shared with other Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. This award exemplifies international friendship and encourages Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to work together in the spirit of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.

Today, in Lady Baden-Powell's honor, we continue to use the 5 "C's" in conjunction with the Girl Scout Leadership Experience's three keys to Leadership – Discover, Connect, and Take Action – as the foundation for the Lady Baden-Powell Award. With leadership as the focus, the Lady Baden-Powel Award strives to bring together USAGSO with their sister host nation WAGGGS organization to work together to Discover more about themselves and others, Connect to define and address a community issue, and Take Action to make a viable impact in that community.

Girls and adult volunteers who would like to earn this award must be motivated by their desire to know individuals from a culture different from their own. The individual must be willing to commit herself/himself to attending a minimum of three separate activity meetings, plus an award ceremony. Participation should be based on contacts between local host nation WAGGGS organization and USAGSO members over a period of time, not in a single activity, to foster sister Girl Guides/Girl Scouts friendships and understanding.

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