USAGSO Overseas Volunteer Partners

USAGSO Overseas Volunteer Partners

USAGSO Overseas Volunteer Partners

Overseas Volunteer Partners (OVPs) support the unique needs of USAGSO volunteers and staff by tackling operational, training, and program development challenges, resulting in long-lasting transformations enhancing the Girl Scout experience.

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Meet the OVP Advisory Team leading the development of this exciting new program for USAGSO!

Having trained to be a facilitator at age 18, Laura was previously a member of the Global Facilitator team who specialized in new volunteer and outdoor trainings. Out of all her years as a Girl Scout, only seven have been at a stateside council; all the rest have been as a member of USAGSO, which means that she is keenly aware of the challenges that our communities face – as well as how rewarding it can be to be a Girl Scout Overseas! Elsewhere in USAGSO, she has been involved in the Gold Award committee, event organization for both adults and girls, as well as being camp staff and then Camp Director for both of our resident camps, Camp Lachenwald and Camp Tama.

Within GSUSA as a whole, Laura plays an active role in representing USAGSO to both our organization and to other WAGGGS members. Laura spent four years as a National Volunteer Partner for GSUSA, which meant that she worked with council staff and national staff on projects to further our movement, including events such as the National Council Session and G.I.R.L. 2020, before resigning that position to focus on establishing the OVPs. Laura has also represented all of GSUSA by attending the WAGGGS Juliette Lowe Seminar in 2015 and by being a facilitator at the US Hub of the expanded version of the Seminar in 2019. She is a recipient of the Thanks Badge, the Honor Pin, the Appreciation Pin, and the now retired USAGSO-NA Service Award.

Hadley was raised in Texas and Colorado where she was a Brownie and a Junior Girl Scout herself.  As adult, Hadley and her family moved often following her husband’s career in those early years that saw them living in 5 US States in 8 years.

Once their oldest was a Girl Scout, Hadley’s husband would always caution her as she headed to the first parents’ meeting in the newest place “Have fun and don’t volunteer for anything.”  Somehow she always came home as a leader or cookie mom, usually both, anyway and here they are, 22 years later, 7 years since they have had a Girl Scout of their own and Hadley is still a leader and OVP. 

She has also spent many years as OCC in Heidelberg, worked at Girl Scout camps, served on the Gold Award Committee and been a delegate to the national convention.  Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout!

When not Girl Scouting, Hadley was a Junior High English teacher and a Youth Librarian in the US.  Hadley has been in Germany for the past 13 years where she does not have a paying job.  Her non-Girl Scout hobbies include traveling, hiking, cooking and volunteering in other areas.

Desiree Blickens spent 13 years as a Girl Scout from Daisy to Senior in New York state. Girl Scouting was an integral part of her childhood, providing some of her favorite memories. From a survival weekend on the grounds of West Point Military Academy, to running the lost children’s booth at the county fair, to making lifelong friends, and selling countless boxes of cookies… She loved it ALL!

Desiree credits her Girl Scout experience with cultivating a sense of duty to service that led her to enlist and serve in the U.S. Navy for six years. Following her years of Naval service, Desiree earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Old Dominion University and became a Certified Public Accountant. She worked in accounting until she decided to stay at home with her 3 beautiful children. When her oldest daughter became a Daisy, Desiree, like her own mother before her, decided to become a troop leader. She is a Lifetime Member and has been a leader for six years now at the Daisy, Brownie, and Junior levels, volunteered as a Service unit manager in the US, and served as an OCMT member overseas.

Desiree’s passion is not only to provide a top-notch Girl Scout program for her troops but to help any and all leaders along the way. Desiree’s personal definition of feminism is “women helping other women be their best self.” She wants to help our volunteers at all levels provide a quality program without them feeling overwhelmed or getting burnt out. She truly believes in the Girl Scout Leadership Program and wants to see it flourish. Desiree believes that volunteers are the heart and soul of the Girl Scout organization and by helping them, every Girl Scout under them gains as well. Her goal to help other volunteers is her way of making this world a better place and being a sister to every Girl Scout.

Ruth began her Girl Scout life when her oldest daughter became a GS Daisy; she later took on the role of leader upon moving to Okinawa, Japan.  She has been a Girl Scout Volunteer for 28 years. She spent many years volunteering overseas where she was the Overseas Committee Chair (OCC) for more than three years in two locations; additional roles include Events Chair, Registrar, Secretary, Troop Consultant, Higher Awards Representative, OCC Referral Committee Chair, USA Girl Scouts Overseas-North Atlantic Facilitator, Global Facilitator, 2014 National Convention Delegate and in 2016 became a National Volunteer Partner (NVP).  As a member of the USA Girl Scouts Overseas Global Facilitator team, Ruth assisted in the design of trainings and facilitated adult learning opportunities in Germany (various locations); Pisa, Italy; Paris, France; Rota, Spain; Singapore; Geneva, Switzerland; United Kingdom and most recently facilitated a number of virtual learning opportunities.  Ruth was also a member of the planning team for the two USAGSO Virtual Annual Learning Conferences.   Ruth currently resides in the United States and is the OVP / NVP Liaison and a member of the OVP Advisory Board.  

Ruth has received the Thanks Badge, Honor Pin, Appreciation Pin and Volunteer of Excellence.  She is the proud mother of two Girl Scout Gold Award recipients and Girl Scout Volunteers.

Meet the current OVPs!

Vicki Adams has been a Girl Scout for 29 years and has worn a variety of hats in the movement: Gold Award Girl Scout, troop leader, camp counselor and director, staff member and delegate.  In 2016, she became a member of USA Girl Scouts Overseas, helping rebuild the community in Panama City, Panama during a three-month period.  She was hired by USAGSO in 2018 and served as a membership manager in the Camp Zama office in Japan for three years.  Vicki later transitioned into a volunteer role on Yokosuka Navy Base, where she currently supports troop leaders and the council as an Overseas Volunteer Partner.

In her non-Girl Scouting life, Vicki works for the American Red Cross. She is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Morocco 2014-16) and AmeriCorps alumna (Roger Williams Park Zoo) who has worked for nonprofit organizations for more than 15 years.  Vicki loves geocaching, scuba diving, and cooking.

Amy Dutailly is a Lifetime Girl Scout based in Paris, France where she moved to after graduating from the University of Denver 14 years ago.

She was a Girl Scout throughout elementary and middle school, and knew she wanted to give back to the organization that helped her grow up. However, she never imagined it would be from the City of Lights, but one day her coworker mentioned that she had signed her daughter up for a Daisy troop. Immediately, Amy wanted more information on how to volunteer - she had no idea that Girl Scouts existed overseas.

Soon she had a junior troop who had gone through a rotation of several leaders. Together they gelled into a cohesive troop that first year, and throughout her tenure they affectionately called themselves the "Troop of Misfit Toys".

During her time as troop leader, she also took on the role of Troop Organizer for USAGSO Paris where she discovered that she loved recruitment. She loved meeting the new volunteers and girls and finding the perfect fit for them. To this day it is still something she is very passionate about and is planning on turning it into her career, all thanks to Girl Scouts.

Eventually she became Co-OCC on the Paris OCMT where she continued her troop organizing and helped with the rest of the day-to-day functioning of the community.

She received Paris's Prix d'Excellence Award for the Open House recruiting event she hosted her first year as Troop Organizer, as well as the Volunteer of Excellence and the Appreciation Pin for both her troop and OCMT service.

She has been a volunteer for 10 years, and has also attended two Global Learning Conferences, one hosted by Paris and another in Rome, where she met the Dream Team - the Global Facilitators! She would sit in those sessions not only learning from the facilitators, but also from the other USAGSO volunteers and thinking that it would be the coolest thing in the world to become a Global Facilitator.

Well, in USAGSO dreams do come true! She joined the Global Facilitation Team in 2017. She has done various online trainings and helped organize and participated in the last two Virtual Adult Learning Conferences. It was a very real "how it started vs. how it's going" moment for her, and still remains a huge highlight of her volunteer career.

She then transitioned to the Overseas Volunteer Partner team where she is looking forward to working with even more volunteers and focusing on specific areas that need assistance while still delivering a great program to both girls and volunteers.

After all of this there is only one thing left for her to do, start all over as a Daisy troop leader when her daughter enters kindergarten in less than two years.

Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout and as a Lifetime Member she will serve this organization in whatever way she can.

Sarah enjoyed being a Girl Scout from Brownies through Seniors and always knew this was something she wanted to share with her daughter and other girls, as Girl Scouts was a fundamental part of her childhood. She became a Daisy Troop leader in 2019 and quickly became involved in other roles with her Service Unit Grafenwoehr-Vilseck Girl Scouts taking lead in being Cookie Manager and Co-OCC. After her first season as a Troop Leader and Co-OCC she knew serving girls was her calling!

In 2020 she took the role of OCC (which she currently still holds) where she has enjoyed creating memorable events for her Service Unit and growing their community, during very challenging times she ensured the service unit still delivered programming and kept the girls engaged. She has led not only her daughters troop but almost every troop in the Grafenwoehr foot print servicing girls from Daisies through Ambassadors.

She knew she wanted to make a bigger impact not only in her community but in her council. In early 2022 she applied to be a Global Facilitator now OVP’s and she was thrilled to be welcomed into such an amazing team of leaders! During her OVP journey Sarah has been able to facilitate numerous virtual trainings, a Regional OCC Retreat and was part of the Virtual Adult Leadership planning team and delivered a few of the training there as well. In 2023 she was honored to be assigned as Camp Director for the first USAGSO Camp in 3 years!

During her adult Girl Scout Journey she has been awarded with the Volunteer of Excellence pin in 2020 and the Volunteer Appreciation pin in 2021. Sarah looks forward to many more years of servicing Girl Scouts and making a difference in her community and Council.

A volunteer with USAGSO for 20 years, Catherine became a Troop Leader for her daughter’s Brownie Troop while living in Singapore and continued to lead it through all the levels after the family moved to Bonn, Germany. She was OCC for a decade in Bonn, during which time registrations reached an all-time high, and the Committee enjoyed many amazing experiences such as camping on a farm in the Neanderthal Valley and hiking along the Mosel river. In 2017 she volunteered at Pax Lodge for three months and later became a Friend of Pax Lodge, where she assists in putting their bi-annual newsletter together as well as managing communications in her role as Secretary. During COVID she created and/or ran several virtual sessions for Pax Lodge and continues to help with events, such as the Juliette Gordon Low Seminar and Global Friendship Week, there. Since becoming a Global Facilitator in 2020, Catherine has done GIRL Talks, run training sessions, and both presented at and helped with both Virtual Conference events.

A native of New Jersey, Catherine worked in accounting and finance in both the US and Switzerland prior to nurturing her second career in tourism. She qualified as a City of Westminster Guide in 2020 and works freelance as both a Tour Guide and Tour Director for several different agencies (including her own, leading tours in London as well as around Europe. Her passion for Girl Scouting and history have led her to her developing tours which focus on the history of the Baden-Powell family, Juliette Gordon Low, and the early days of Girl Guiding in London. Related to this, she created the Juliette Gordon Low in London Challenge Badge to raise awareness as well as funds for a plaque to commemorate where JGL lived in London. Catherine is excited for the new challenges her OVP role will bring and looks forward to playing her part to facilitate the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and make the world a better place.

Hello World! Ms. Monica E. Hofmann is a lifetime Gold Award Girl Scout currently volunteering in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. Monica (aka White Feather) started her Girl Scouting journey as a kindergarten Daisy and has never stopped trying to make the world a better place for everyone. During her time as a Girl Scout member, White Feather was active in her council in Monterey, California, where she was a super cookie seller, pioneered Juliette-ing before being a Juliette was a thing, went on a Wider Opportunity (now Destinations) to New Zealand, and earned her Gold Award. Her Gold Award required her to work as a citizen scientist collaborating between the City of Monterey Forester, California State University of Monterey Bay Environmental Biology Department, and Monterey County Parks to tag and catalog Monterey Pine Trees that were dying because of an infection. This project culminated in a presentation at a national convention on the subject. Shortly after bridging to an Adult Girl Scout member, Ms. Monica moved to the US military community in Rota, Spain where she became the Girl Scout Community’s Registrar and Events Coordinator as well as serving as the leader or co-leader to Junior, Cadette, and Senior troops (Ambassadors were not around yet). As a leader, she took her girls on trips to Sevilla, Gibraltar, London, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Munich, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and Rome. To further imbed herself into Girl Scouting, she served as a Global Facilitator by helping train and consult other adult volunteers across Europe in the ways of outdoor adventuring, troop management, and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. She also worked with other members of USAGSO-North Atlantic on the launch of Studio 2B and the development of adult training initiatives.

Since moving to South Korea in 2021, Ms. Hofmann has again entrenched herself in the Girl Scouting community despite being a mom to two young boys. She is presently serving as a Co-Chairperson and co-leader to a rambunctious Girl Scout Cadette troop. Entering the next GS year, White Feather will begin serving as the Overseas Committee Chair, an OVP, and begin mentoring incoming leaders to the local community.

In her professional life, Ms. Monica is a lifelong learner and earned her Associate of Arts Degree from Monterey Peninsula College before graduating from Monterey High School, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Law from The University of Maryland University College, a Master of Human Relations Degree from the University of Oklahoma, and a Post-Masters Certificate from Capella University. She is currently pursing both a Master of Elementary Education and a Master of Library and Information Science. In her free time, White Feather works as a University Compliance Officer and Institutional Research Officer as well as an elementary school substitute librarian and substitute teacher. She is also attempting to complete the Black Yak 100 Peak Korean Hiking Challenge and visit as many countries in southeast Asia as she can within the next 4-years.

Amy Kennedy grew up overseas, and has continued the expat life as an adult, living outside her passport county for thirty-six years. She brings this lifetime of knowledge to USA Girl Scouts Overseas and has special interest in embassy communities. Amy attended New England Conservatory and the University of Georgia and has worked as a Montessori elementary teacher. She has also been awarded the U.S. Department of State Professional Development Award in 2005 and 2019.

While only a Brownie as a child, Amy has been involved in Girl Scouting for the last twelve years and has served in a variety of roles and locations. She began as a Daisy leader in Ottawa, Canada, and then served as Overseas Community Chair in both Moscow, Russia and Beijing, China. Additionally, Amy spent two years establishing a USAGSO community in Skopje, North Macedonia, which has continued to thrive. In 2019, she worked for USAGSO as a Community Development Manager, helping to establish a USASGO community in Maputo, Mozambique. While working in Mozambique, he joined with WAGGGs staff to re-establish Girl Guides in Mozambique through the implementation of a grant from the World Foundation. From 2019-2022, Amy was the Program Development Coordinator for the USAGSO Virtual Troop, serving girls around the world. She has worked on additional projects for USAGSO, including Girl Roundtables, every virtual conference and webinars specific to Embassy communities. In 2020 Amy received the Thanks Badge and in 2022, she received the Thanks II Badge.

Matt is in his first year of being an Overseas Volunteer Partner. His daughter joined the Girl Scouts as a Daisy 4 years ago. He always loved his daughter’s experience as a Girl Scout and greatly admired their ideals and commitment to empowerment. As he retires from the U.S Army, he seeks to further his volunteer activities with his two passions, being involved with his kids and helping others accomplish their goals.

Matt moved to Italy with his family in the summer of 2021 and is excited to be volunteering again. Matt’s previous work experience is primarily with the military in leaderships roles, including a position in one of the Warrior Transition Battalions where he helped the wounded and disabled find relief through adaptive sports. In another position, he was assigned to a Basic Combat Training unit where he helped people from around the world achieve their dreams of becoming a Soldier. He currently works in the Transition Assistance Program, helping people find employment before they leave military service.

Matt is looking forward to his volunteer experience with the Girls Scouts and hopes his work experience can assist the organization.

Although Lisa was not a Girl Scout as a girl, she has been a strong advocate for the program since signing her oldest daughter up in 1996.  By 1998 she was the leader for her older daughter’s troop and a co-leader for her younger daughter.  In 2000, the family took their second assignment overseas and landed in Milan, Italy where she immediately stepped in as the OCC while continuing her roles as the leader and co-leader of her daughter’s troops.   By 2002 she had become a facilitator.  Two short years later the Director of USAGSO tapped Lisa to be the first Global Trainer and by 2007 Lisa had helped create a solid team with paid staff and a budget that allowed the now renamed Global Facilitators to travel outside their own Overseas committees to help our volunteers grow and develop.  After 4 years in London as the OCC and regional coordinator, Lisa returned to the USA  in 2008where she added  two terms as a National Delegate to her resume as well as a Gold Award Committee member, Service Unit Secretary, and Level 2 Archer, which allows her to facilitate the girls and certify volunteers to do the same.  Through all the moves and changes, Lisa remained a Global Facilitator, now called OVPs and looks forward to this latest incarnation where she hopes her experience with course design and conference facilitation will continue to benefit the organization.  

The time Lisa spent facilitating in China, England, Italy, Germany, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Sicily, and The Hague along with the more than 20 conferences she has had a variety of roles participating in makes her uniquely qualified to be an OVP.  Most recently, Lisa was part of the planning committee (as well as a facilitator) for both of the USAGSO Virtual Annual Learning Conferences. 

Lisa is currently part of the Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana council and is honored to have received the Thanks Badge and Volunteer Appreciation Pin. 

Franny Puente-Bonilla was a Girl Scout as a child and has been in many troop, service unit, and council-level volunteering roles across multiple councils as well as most recently serving as the OCC for USAGSO-Bogotá, Colombia. Her focus has been on serving and supporting the children of Military families. She joined the USAGSO Council of Advisors in 2021.

Franny is currently working at First Command Financial Services. Franny holds a Bachelor of Science in Math from the University of Puerto Rico, a Certificate in Adult and Youth Ministry from the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives as well as a Certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurships from Cornell.

Franny and her husband Ed, also a Girl Scout troop Leader, have three children. Their oldest daughter Madee is also a Girl Scout Lifetime Member.

Diana Ringquist started her Girl Scout journey in the 1970s as a Brownie Girl Scout who refused to wear her beanie. Enjoying Girl Scouting immensely and always the first to try something new, Diana’s journey as a Girl Member ended in her freshman year of college when her Council sent her a letter “kicking me out for being too old” but invited her to become an Adult Girl Scout. Diana, claiming to “bleed green,” immediately signed up as an Adult Girl Scout and has continued her journey ever since, earning every adult award with the exception of the Thanks II Badge, “and a bunch that no longer exist.”

Diana was an active volunteer during college, graduate school, and during her early career. She stepped into the role of CoLeader in 2006 when her daughter’s troop leaders all moved away within two months. Happily serving as a CoLeader in Missouri and Kansas, Diana offered to be a CoLeader when she moved to New York. Diana met with the Service Unit Manager who handed her a large pile of binders, smiled, and congratulated a stunned Diana on becoming the new Service Unit Manager. Never one to shy from a challenge, Diana recruited 17 new Adult Leaders, CoLed a Troop, held “just about every non-paid position,” revitalized the Service Unit’s Girl Scouting program, met or surpassed all military requirements of a private organization, connected with neighboring Service Units, and dedicated herself to Girl Scouts by becoming a Life Member. Under the leadership of the Service Unit Team, the Girl Scouts became the “go-to” volunteer organization in their community and served as an example for regional Service Units. At the Council level, Diana was a strong advocate for her girls, volunteers, Service Unit, military Girl Scouts, and the Girl Scout movement serving as a Council Trainer, Delegate, Task Force Leader, and Centennial Celebration CoChair. Diana credits this experience for preparing her for her next Girl Scout journey challenge.

Diana continued to advocate for, organize, and lead Girl Scouts during her time overseas in Nigeria (2012-2014, #BringBackOurGirls), Senegal (2017-2019), Germany (2019-2021), and Angola (2021-2023). Her experiences and advocacy allowed her the honor of participating in the Board Transition Task Group that worked to create the basis for the current Council of Advisors. Diana served on the Nomination Committee to stand up the COA and served several terms on the COA’s Council Development Committee. After serving in seven U.S. locations across six states, Nigeria, Senegal, Germany, and Angola, Diana claims she can actually hear others “roll their eyes” when she speaks up for underserved populations within the Girl Scout family.

While in Germany, Diana was introduced to the Global Facilitators and was instantly excited to join in order to help volunteers around the world (or at least in her corner of it) share the Girl Scout experience with girls around the globe. Through her involvement, Diana participated as a volunteer for the 2021 and 2022 Volunteer Adult Learning Conferences. As Global Facilitators was reimagined into our current Overseas Volunteer Partners, Diana was excited to continue her service to volunteers and girls in whatever manner may present itself. Wherever her semi-nomadic life takes her next, Diana is determined to continue her Girl Scout journey. “Girl Scouting is a profound force in the lives of girls,” Diana says, “whether providing a sense of continuity and community to U.S. girls or showing host nation girls opportunities they could never have imagined, Girl Scouts changes lives for the better - the lives of our volunteers, the lives of our girls, the lives of communities - and shapes our global future.”

Arjean Smith comes from a proud Girl Scout volunteer family. She spent five years as a Girl Scout from Brownie through Junior in Missouri under the troop leadership of her mom and three aunts. Girl Scouting was an integral part of her childhood, providing some of her favorite memories including camping, making lifelong friends, and selling boxes of cookies… She loved it ALL!

When her daughter asked to join the program, Arjean decided to volunteer with the program in the capacity needed at the current time.  During the past 11 years, Arjean has volunteered with multiple councils, both in the US and Overseas. She led troops at the Junior and Cadette levels, volunteered as a Service Unit Manager in the US, and served as Overseas Committee Chair overseas. Additional roles include Events Coordinator, Registrar, Secretary, Cookie Manager, Recruiter, Adult Recognition Chair, Troop Consultant, and Camp Coordinator. She has taken troops to Our Chalet and Pax Lodge WAGGGS centers and to the National Jamboree.

Arjean’s passion is not only to provide a quality Girl Scout program but help other volunteers flourish along the way without feeling overwhelmed. Arjean truly believes in the Girl Scout Leadership Program and wants to see it thrive. Arjean believes that volunteers are the heart and soul of the Girl Scout organization and by helping them, every Girl Scout under their leadership benefits. Her goal to help other volunteers is her way of making this world a better place and developing girls to be America’s future leaders.

Arjean enlisted in the US Army during High School and continues to serve – garnering 30 years of military service while currently instructing at the Army’s Command and General Staff College. While on Active Duty, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Master of Business Administration in Accounting.

Arjean has received the Honor Pin, Appreciation Pin and Volunteer of Excellence (2).  She is the proud mother of one Girl Scout Silver Award recipient, 2020 USAGSO Convention Delegate, and Girl Scout Volunteer.

Ursula has been a Girl Scout volunteer for almost 30 years. She started as a Girl Scout Daisy troop leader when her oldest daughter joined and a leader was needed. Since then she has led troops from Girl Scout Brownies to Girl Scout Ambassadors.

Her volunteer activities stretch from the local to the national and global level. She is part of the Stuttgart Girl Scouts OCMT (Overseas Management Team). Her positions are Special Events Coordinator/Host Nation Liaison and Higher Awards Chair. She is currently leading a multilevel troop (Brownie to Cadettes) that focuses on the great outdoors, environmental issues and loves to connect with the local Pfadfinders and troops from other regions. Volunteering at Girl Scout Day Camps in the Stuttgart and other overseas areas as well as at camps in the US are one of her favorite summer activities.

In 2005 she joined the original team of North Atlantic Trainers, the predecessor of the current Overseas Volunteer Partner team. Ursula is involved in curriculum writing and revision, mentoring new facilitators, conducting workshops and trainings at conferences.

She truly enjoys facilitating in person, especially the outdoor experience and new volunteer orientations, but also conducts virtual trainings. She facilitated at both Virtual Annual Learning Conferences, the virtual Cookie Rally, contributes to the Girl Talks and is part of the 'Taste the World' virtual cooking team. 

She facilitated on site in military and non-military communities in Europe and outside of Europe such as the UAE, China, Switzerland, France, Spain, China.

In her role as National Volunteer Partner (NVP) with GSUSA, Ursula attended and also conducted and designed workshops at Edith Macy Center.

She has chaperoned Girl Scouts and international Scouts at National Conventions, organized several destinations for older Girls to the WAGGS World Center in Sangam India, took her troop to Japan to meet with Japanese Girl Guides and chaired girl conventions in Camp Darby Italy. She was part of the planning team in Heidelberg Germany (Hanging in Heidelberg and Keys to Leadership). Her passion is working with the older girls and inspiring them to reach their fullest potential. This  lead to reviewing Gold Award applications and mentoring girls for higher awards.

As appreciation for her service to Girl Scouts Ursula has received Thanks Badge.

Ursula holds a Masters degree in Linguistics and a Bachelors in Business. She works as a free lance intercultural trainer, translator and language instructor.

She loves the outdoors, sports, travelling and her horses. Her 3 daughters, all Girl Scouts, who earned their Gold Awards, share those passions.