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Support for Military Families

Military Support

USAGSO's Transition for Military Families Initiative provides resources for families permanently changing station to and from overseas. We are here to guide you through the process of changing councils as an existing Girl Scout or helping you jump start your first membership year. USAGSO want our families to have a positive Girl Scout experience- all around the world!

Permanently Changing Stations with Girl Scouts

First, welcome to Girl Scouts Overseas! If you are PCSing soon and have questions please reach out to our Customer Care team at We are ready to assist you with the process of joining a Girl Scout troop overseas. 

  • If you are transferring from a stateside council to overseas, please complete this form.
  • If you are moving back to the United States, and want your membership records transferred to your new council, please complete this form.
  • If you are moving to a country other than the United States and would like to continue to participate with Girl Scouts, please contact our team for assistance.

If you are moving stateside let us connect you with your new Girl Scout Council! You are a part of the Girl Scout family wherever you live, take a look!

Stateside Girl Scout councils who are interested in learning more please fill out this form

Volunteer Opportunities

We love our volunteers and understand you are always on the go! If you would like to collaborate with our great team of volunteers in your community please let us know. If you are interested and would like to know more please check out the different ways you can volunteersee what girls do in Girl Scouting and find out how to sign up the girl in your life!

Veterans and Retired Military

USAGSO has made a commitment to Military veterans and retirees to provide opportunities for volunteer work through partnerships with our overseas communities.

If you are a veteran and would like information about volunteering with USAGSO please contact us or fill out this form!

Making a Difference

Recently, longtime USAGSO volunteer Hadley Barth, and her child, USAGSO alum Marika, enjoyed the evening of a lifetime at the annual White House Fourth of July celebration!

As a special education teacher who is autistic, Marika was one of the essential workers invited to attend this awesome event after a liaison to Disabled Americans in the White House Office of Public Engagement saw  an article from the American Association of People with Disabilities, profiling Marika and their work throughout the pandemic. 


USO Ramstein worked with a Star today! Girl Scout Cadette Gabriella welcomed families to Germany today with a big smile from behind her mask and a Germany Welcome Bag. Gabriella decorated all 50 individual bags and filled them with travel games, toys, dictionaries, first aid supplies, information and snacks. She wanted to make families feel welcome when they arrive to Germany and she definitely accomplished that! To ensure her initiative is lasting, she provided a flyer with the content of the bags and how to work with the USO to reach the families. We are proud of you Gabriella for this wonderful initiative and the hard work you have put in!

Bi-Monthly Council Collaboration Calls

USA Girl Scouts Overseas brings Girl Scouts to the daughters of military and diplomats around the world.  Over the last two years, USAGSO has strengthened its partnerships with the military and has increased its membership in military communities in Asia and Europe. 

Staff from our sister stateside councils are invited to join us for bi-monthly calls with USAGSO’s staff and other councils seeking to expand their partnerships and support of military communities.  These calls will share best practices from sister councils, offer time for collaboration, question, and answer.  We encourage cross-functional teams from councils to attend these calls; strengthening military partnerships is a cross-functional effort. 

Opt in by completing this survey, only one per council is necessary.

To Serve My Country: Girl Scouts Partnerships with the Military
April 29, 2022
8:00 – 9:00 am EST
Suggested Staff: Membership, Customer Care, Program, Leadership, Fund Development
Presentation Deck

Council to Council Transfers – Supporting Military Families as they move
May 23, 2022
6:00 – 7:00 pm EST
Suggested Staff: Membership, Customer Care
Recording & Deck

Building a Year-long Military Engagement and Recruitment Strategy
July 11, 2022
6:00 – 7:00 pm EST
Suggested Staff: Membership, Program, Customer Care, Council Leadership
Recording & Deck

Military Partnerships: Starter Troops and Child Youth Programs
September 12, 2022
6:00 – 7:00 pm EST
Suggested Staff: Membership, Customer Care
Recording & Deck

Celebrating Month of the Military Child
January 17, 2023
5:00 – 6:00 pm EST
Suggested Staff: Membership and Program
Recording & Deck

Preparing for Spring Campaigns
March 13, 2023
6:00 – 7:00 pm EST
Suggested Staff: Membership, Customer Care, Program
Recording & Deck

Our Military Communities

Bahrain Community 019 


Brussels Community 520
SHAPE Community 521 
Guantanamo Bay Community 085 
Ansbach-Illesheim Community 530 
Baumholder Community 550
Garmisch Community 540 
Grafenwoehr Community 532 
Hohenfels Community 539 
Kaiserslautern Community 555
Landstuhl Community 556 
Ramstein Community 558 
Spangdahlem Community 560
Stuttgart Community 535 
Wiesbaden Community 561 
Andersen Community 151 
Guam Naval Station Community 155 
Aviano Community 580 
Camp Darby Community 581 
Naples Community 582
Sigonella Naval Air Station Community 584 
Vicenza Community 585
Atsugi Community 835 
Camp Courtney Community 830 
Camp Foster Community 833
Camp Zama Community 806 
Iwakuni Community 834 
Kadena Community 832
Kinser Community 831 
Misawa Community 802 
Sasebo Community 803 
Yokosuka Community 804
Yokota Community 805 
Tri-Borders Community 600 
South Korea
Daegu Community 821
Humphreys Community 807 
Osan Community 822
Rota Community 615
United Kingdom
Alconbury Community 625
Anglia Community 627
Menwith Hill Community 626 
Midlands Community 629
Are there troops and service units overseas?

USAGSO has troops and communities which are the equivalent of the stateside service unit. 

Can I still volunteer as a troop leader?

Yes! We welcome you to lead a troop and will connect you with all of the necessary resources to make this transition from your stateside council to USAGSO a smooth one!  If you are unsure about leading a troop, check out all of the ways you can volunteer!

Will I need to complete new training?

There are trainings specific to USAGSO that will need to be completed. You can take a look at all of the relevant trainings and resources we offer at USAGSO. 

How different is USAGSO from my former council?

There are more similiarities than differences! Girl Scouts is a brand that has been around for over 100 years and those traditions and unique Girl Scout terminology remains consistent whether you are overseas or stateside. Check out Girl Scout Lingo, Girl Scout Traditions and learn about USAGSO!

Does USAGSO participate in the cookie program?

Yes! All of our military communities participate in the cookie program

What is an OCMT?

An OCMT is an Overseas Committee Management Team. OCMT's manage the Girl Scout program in a designated geographical region, such as a city or military installation.

Where can I purchase USAGSO merchandise, uniforms and insignia?

You can purchase all merchandise from the USAGSO store! Visit for all of your Girl Scout needs! 

My GS is working on her Highest Awards, can she transfer her project to USAGSO?

USAGSO knows the Girl Scouts Highest Awards represent the highest honors a Girl Scout can earn. If you have already started your project and would like to transfer to USAGSO please reach out to customer care at

Do I need a background check? Can I transfer my background check from my current council?

Each USAGSO member who seeks to act as a volunteer in the following categories: troop leader, OCMT member, cookie manager, Overseas Volunteer Partner, or episodic volunteer at any overnight event is required to successfully complete a local criminal background check (through the associated military installation or local government/agency) coordinated by the local Overseas Committee.

Criminal background checks are valid for 3 years and volunteers must complete a new criminal background check every 3 years to continue serving in their volunteer position. OCMT’s must ensure that all volunteers serving in these roles have successfully completed a criminal background check within the last 3 years. If you currently have an active background check and are transferring to USAGSO from a stateside Girl Scout council, please contact 

More information about USAGSO’s Criminal Background Check Policy and Procedures can be found in Volunteer Essentials and on our website