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USAGSO Alum attends Fourth of July celebration at the White House

Longtime USAGSO volunteer Hadley Barth, and her child, USAGSO alum Marika pictured in front the of the White House.

From the White House to outer space to some of the largest companies in the world, Girl Scouts Alums and volunteers can be seen reaching their goals, inspiring others and making an impact in a variety of amazing places! Recently, longtime USAGSO volunteer Hadley Barth, and her child, USAGSO alum Marika, enjoyed the evening of a lifetime at the annual White House Fourth of July celebration.

As a special education teacher who is autistic, Marika was one of the essential workers invited to attend this awesome event after a liaison to Disabled Americans in the White House Office of Public Engagement saw  an article from the American Association of People with Disabilities, profiling Marika and their work throughout the pandemic. 

One of many exciting moments came at the end of the evening when the essential workers were each given a parting gift — a US flag that was flown over the National Mall during the inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris!

Marika chose to send the flag back to Heidelberg, Germany with Hadley, where it was flown at Heidelberg Girl Scouts’ end of year ceremony on July 10. 

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