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Resources to Grow Your Girl Scout Community

Girl Scouts founder, Juliette Gordon Low, believed that all girls should be given the opportunity to gain leadership skills and experience all the things that Girl Scouts has to offer.

Do you know that YOU are the most valuable recruitment tool? Your knowledge, experience, passion and advocacy make new members want to join and further the Girl Scout Mission. Use the resources on this page to help recruit future Girl Scouts and the Adult Volunteers that make the program possible in your overseas community.

Please see the official USAGSO Recruitment Guide and Recruiter Training on GS Learn to help you get started! 


Resources to Grow Your Troop or OCMT

Guides & Toolkits

Here are additional tools for you to use as you talk to parents and people in your community about the Girl Scout experience.

Request Recruitment Supplies

Do you need flyers or giveaways for recruitment events, back to school nights, or other events where you invite girls and adults to learn about Girl Scouting? If so, you can request FREE supplies to help grow your community!

To request your free supplies, please complete this request form. Recruitment supplies will begin shipping in September 2022.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to Customer Care at with the subject ‘Recruitment Supplies’.

Recruitment Materials

Are you recruiting girls in your community? Do you have an upcoming troop or community event that you need to advertise? If so, we have flyers to help! 

General Recruitment

  1. USAGSO Fact Sheet
  2. Recruitment Military Fact Sheet 
  3. 30-second recruitment video 
  4. 60-second recruitment video

Spring Renew Recruitment 

  1. Incentive Early Bird Flyer
  2. Volunteer Flyer
  3. Social Media  (copy) (Early Bird Incentive) (Vol Incentive) (image) (image) (image)
  4. Month of the Military Child Recruitment Items 
    1. Military Patch Incentive (flyer)(social image)
    2. $10 off membership (flyer)(social image)         

Adult Volunteer Recruitment Toolkit

  1. Social Media Copy
  2. Volunteer Social Image
  3. Troop Leader Image
  4. What's the OCMT? Image




Animal Dance Party and Robot Building Party

To support your recruitment efforts this fall, USAGSO is relaunching the Animal Dance Party and Robot Building Party recruitment events! The event materials have been refreshed and updated for in-person events and they are the perfect way to invite new girls in grades K-3 and their families to check out Girl Scouts.

To host an Animal Dance Party or Robot Building Party, please complete this form.

Animal Dance Party

  1. Event Toolkit (coming soon!)
  2. Animal Dance Party Customizable Flyer
  3. Animal Dance Party QR Code Flyer
  4. Animal Dance Party Social Media image
  5. Animal Dance Party Printable Graphics
  6. Event Sign-in Sheet

Robot Building Party

  1. Event Toolkit (coming soon!)
  2. Robot Building Party Customizable Flyer
  3. Robot Building Party QR Code Flyer
  4. Robot Building Party Social Media image
  5. Robot Building Party Printable Graphics
  6. Event Sign-in Sheet