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Whether it’s a trip she’ll never forget, a service project that will change her community forever, or the opportunity to build a lifetime of memories at camp, USA Girl Scouts Overseas helps make it all happen. When a girl raises funds by participating in Girl Scouts – whether that is through cookies OR through money earning activities in her troop or community, she is participating as a business woman in the largest girl-led business in the world!

Every year Girl Scouts all over the world use their earnings to do amazing things in their communities and beyond. From helping animal shelters and feeding the homeless to raising awareness about bullying and so much more, Girl Scouts can and will do anything.

The 5 Key Skills Girl Scouts Learn with Entrepreneurship Badges & Money Earning Activities:

5 Key Skills

As entrepreneurs, girls gain essential life skills and work as a team to accomplish common goals and solve problems. All this while also building the confidence they need to shine as girls, as young women, and as future leaders. And did we mention fun? They have lots of that along the way, too.

Are you not able to participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program? No worries! We have a ton of great resources for alternative money earning activities.

Please read USAGSO's Entrepreneurship Guidebook to learn all about the money earning opportunities for your Girl Scouts.


Troop Money Earning Activity Sheet:

Troops, groups, and Girl Scouts need to submit this form four weeks before taking part in any money-earning activity