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Gold Award Essentials

As you go for Gold, USA Girl Scouts Overseas is here for you every step of the way. Before you make a big impact, here are some things to consider!

Raising Funds for your Gold Award

Money Earning Guidelines

All Troops and individuals are required to report their spending and income to the OCMT Treasurer on a regular basis. For more information on how finances operate in your Overseas Committee, please check with your OCMT Treasurer.

Participation Guidance

Girls’ participation in both council-sponsored product program activities and group money-earning projects is based upon the following:

  • Voluntary participation
  • Written permission of each girl’s parent or guardian
  • An understanding of (and ability to explain clearly to others) why the money is needed
  • An understanding that money earning should not exceed what the group needs to support its program activities
  • Observance of local ordinances related to involvement of children in money-earning activities as well as health and safety laws
  • Vigilance in protecting the personal safety of each girl
  • Arrangements for safeguarding the money

Additional Guidelines

Keep these specific guidelines—some of which are required by the Internal Revenue Service—in mind to ensure that all money earning activities are conducted with legal and financial integrity.

  • All rewards earned by girls through the product program activities must support Girl Scout program experiences such as camp, travel, and program events, but not scholarships or financial credits toward outside organizations.
  • Obtain written approval from your Overseas Committee before a group money-earning event; most councils ask that you submit a request for approval.
  • USAGSO prohibits the use of games of chance to earn money. Any activity which could be considered a game of chance (raffles, contests, bingo) is not allowed.
  • Girl Scouts’ Blue Book policy forbids girls from the direct solicitation of cash. Girls can collect partial payment toward the purchase of a package of Girl Scout Cookies and other Girl Scout–authorized products through participation in council-approved product program donation programs.
  • Girl Scouts forbids product demonstration parties where the use of the Girl Scout trademark increases revenue for another business, such as in-home product parties. Any business using the Girl Scout trademark or other Girl Scout intellectual property must seek authorization from GSUSA.
  • Group money-earning activities need to be suited to the ages and abilities of the girls and consistent with the principles of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
  • Money earned is for Girl Scout activities and is not to be retained by individuals. Girls can, however, be awarded incentives and/or may earn credits from their Girl Scout product programs. Funds acquired through group money-earning projects must be reported and accounted for by the group according to council procedures. 
Using a Girl Scout Bank Account

Remember that all funds collected, raised, earned, or otherwise received in the name of and for the benefit of Girl Scouting must be used for the purposes of Girl Scouting. Funds are administered by the community and do not belong to individuals. 

Your Overseas Committee holds one account, and troop/Gold Award balances are maintained as sub-ledgers in this central account. For more information on your community's account, reach out to your Overseas Community Management Team (OCMT) Treasurer.