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Gold Award

Do you want to make sustainable change in the world?

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the most prestigious award in the world for girls—and the most difficult to earn—and it’s only available to Girl Scouts. As a Gold Award Girl Scout, you will really change the world!

Gold Award Girl Scouts are challenged to make a sustainable change in their communities and around the world. These young women are inspiring leaders whose Gold Award projects are impacting the worlds of STEM, education, agriculture, medicine, and more all over the globe. Follow these steps to earn your Gold Award with USAGSO.

To see the impacts Girl Scouts overseas are making around the world, visit our Highest Awards Highlights.

Get Ready, Get Set...

PREREQUISITES-Before you start, make sure you have met the following criteria:

  • Registered Girl Scout Member
  • Senior or Ambassador (9th-12th grades)
  • Completed two Senior or Ambassador Journeys
  • OR one Senior or Ambassador Journey & earned your Silver Award
  • Watch the "Go for the Gold" Training Webinar

Go for the Gold Training - Watch this USAGSO Gold Award Training Webinar and download this training handout to find out how to earn your Gold Award with USAGSO. We also encourage you to review the Highest Awards FAQs and Gold Award Standards of Excellence Rubric before you begin.

Go Gold Online

It’s time to investigate, build your team, and make change in the world!  All steps (1-7) of your project must be completed using GSUSA’s Go Gold Online. Review the Go Gold FAQs, register, and begin your project today.

TIMELINE- Gold Award Project Proposals (step 5) and Gold Award Final Reports (step 7) will be reviewed by the Gold Award Committee towards the end of each month. Proposals and Final Reports must be submitted through Go Gold Online by the 15th of each month in order to be reviewed by the committee and receive feedback by the end of the month. For example, a proposal submitted June 10th will receive feedback and notification of approval by June 30. Proposals and final reports that are submitted after the 15th may not be reviewed until the following month's meeting.

PRESENT YOUR PROJECT- In addition to your final report, Girl Scouts have the opportunity to share their projects and stories with the Gold Award Committee through a video presentation. Use your creativity and have fun!

Videos, photographs, and additional stories may be submitted through Go Gold Online when submitting your Final Report (step 7). You may also submit any of the aforementioned items to The items that you submit will be shared with the Gold Award Committee to review along with your final report.  

REQUEST A MENTOR- Want additional guidance or help planning your project?  Contact to request a Gold Award Committee Mentor.

MONEY EARNING- Earning money to fund your Gold Award project? Check out this Money Earning FAQ and be sure to submit your request to solicit funds using this Fund Solicitation Request Form.


Once you have received notification of final approval from the USA Girl Scouts Overseas Gold Award Committee, you have officially earned your Girl Scout Gold Award. Congratulations, you are now a member of an elite alliance of Gold Award Girl Scouts!

Guiding Gold: Gold Award Committee

USA Girl Scouts Overseas is looking for innovative and enthused adult volunteers to join our Gold Award Committee to review, advise, and mentor Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts on their journey to earning gold. If you:

  • have experience guiding Girl Scouts to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award;
  • have worked with youth and provided constructive feedback; 
  • want to play a larger role in the movement to build women of courage, confidence, and character;

Have you said “yes” to any or all of the points above? Then volunteering with the USA Girl Scouts Overseas Gold Award Committee is the right fit for you! Please take a moment to review the USA Girl Scouts Overseas’ Gold Award Committee Volunteer position description linked here.