USAGSO Brownie Receives GSUSA's Medal of Honor of Lifesaving Actions
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USAGSO Brownie Receives GSUSA's Medal of Honor of Lifesaving Actions


Lorelei Livesay, a Brownie Girl Scout, formerly living in Nansdietwchiler, Germany (and has since moved back to the United States), was awarded the Medal of Honor from USA Girl Scouts Overseas for saving the life of her grandmother in May 2019. The Medal of Honor is given only to those Girl Scouts who display heroic acts beyond their degree of maturity and training.

Lorelei’s grandmother was cleaning an upstairs bedroom in preparation for the family’s move back to the United States. Lorelei went upstairs to help her grandmother, where she found her unconscious. After trying to wake her and knowing that her grandmother was diabetic, Lorelei found her grandmother’s purse and used an app on her grandmother’s iPhone to check her blood sugar. Upon realizing that her grandmother’s blood sugar was far lower than it should be, Lorelei put glucose tablets in her mouth in order to raise her blood sugar levels. Along with her brother, Lorelei then called for adult help and remained calm. According to Lorelei’s father, “Lorelei was not taught that this was a medical emergency, but her quick actions started to bring her grandmother’s levels up. Giving the glucose tab allowed her grandmother to regain enough consciousness to aid us in finding and using her emergency glucagon shot, where her blood sugar recovered to safe levels. If Lorelei did not act the way she did, we would have lost her grandmother.”

USA Girl Scouts Overseas is proud to recognize your lifesaving actions and so happy that, due to them, your grandmother is safe. Thank you, Lorelei, for displaying the bravery, problem-solving, and quick actions of a Girl Scout.


National Girl Scout Lifesaving Awards

The 1913 handbook, How Girls Can Help Their Country, lists two medals girls could earn for meritorious deeds related to saving a life: the Bronze Cross—presented with a girls had shown special heroism or had faced extraordinary risk of her own life to save another’s life—and the Silver Cross—presented for gallantry with considerable risk to a girl’s life.

Today, girls continue to earn Lifesaving Awards: The Bronze Cross and the Medal of Honor, for these deeds. The Bronze Cross is given for saving life or attempting to save life with risk to a girl’s own life. The Medal of Honor is given for saving life or attempting to save life without risk to the girl’s own life.