Updated Information: Rare Issue with Shipment of Do-si-dos in Asia
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Updated Information: Rare Issue with Shipment of Do-si-dos in Asia



**As follow-up to our message last month about a rare issue with Do-si-dos in a small number of Girl Scout communities in Asia, we have worked with Little Brownie Baker to investigate and address this issue. Please see the updated information below. Thank you for your understanding as we tried to figure out what had happened, it was much appreciated.**

Dear Girl Scout family:

Thank you for your patience as we work through an issue we’re having with a shipment of Do-si-dos®. We recently discovered that 120 cases of Do-si-dos baked for this cookie season fell short of Little Brownie Bakers’ high quality standards. A buildup of cooking oil on one of the tools used during the baking process caused discoloration. While the cookies are safe to eat, they are unacceptable in the marketplace.

It’s unfortunate that Little Brownie Bakers is without an overseas consumer-affairs contact or an efficient way to obtain replacements like they have stateside, as this has led to some of our overseas consumers expressing their frustration directly to girls and in social media, creating a stressful situation for your families. For this, we deeply apologize and want you to know we’re working with Little Brownie Bakers to create a solution.

To express their sincere regret over this situation, Little Brownie Bakers has provided USAGSO with a financial contribution to those impacted overseas communities as a way to support girl Cookie Sellers in your communities. Through this contribution, we hope your Girl Scout community can celebrate their cookie success! USAGSO will be in touch with the Overseas Committee Management soon to confirm this process.

If your troop has a consumer who is requesting a replacement of product due to this situation, please contact: USAGSO Customer Care Email: overseascustomercare@girlscouts.org

We understand that some of your customers may not be able to request an immediate replacement of product due to a delay in opening the cookie package because of a work situation or personal choice. We want to let you know that we will allow replacement of product on all damaged cookie boxes until September 30, 2020. To process this, we do need a photo of the batch code found on the cookie box.

Little Brownie Bakers has communicated they take great pride in the privilege of serving USA Girl Scouts Overseas, and their intention is to enable citizens abroad to enjoy the best possible experience with the Girl Scout Cookie Program®. For the longer term, they are adjusting their quality-control process on this baking line and actively pursuing a corporate solution to addressing consumer issues abroad.


USA Girl Scouts Overseas