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Your new friends can't wait to meet you.

Right now, Girl Scouts are meeting furry friends at their local animal shelters, giggling past lights-out at sleepovers, and learning how their favorite roller coasters work.

Above all else, they’re having a blast—because they know bringing the fun is all about being their true selves, trying new things, and cheering each other on.

Get ready to join the crew and bring a bit more happy to your life.

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And grownups? Whether you have kids, grandkids, or no kids of your own, you can have a front-row seat to the fun and community, too. Press play and volunteer with Girl Scouts. You’ve got what it takes to change girls’ lives.

Help Girl Scouts discover their place in the world.

Ever want to forget everybody else’s expectations and just…be you? When you volunteer with Girl Scouts, you’ll be creating a community where being your unfiltered, goofiest, most authentic self is the absolute best thing you can be.

Our local volunteers lead with their hearts and spark imaginations. They help Girl Scouts explore unique interests and unlock their potential.


Membership Fees
  • A girl membership with Girl Scouts is: $45. This cost includes the $25 membership due to GSUSA and the $20 USAGSO Council Service Fee (CSF).
  • An adult membership with Girl Scouts is: $25. Adult members do not pay the Council Service Fee. 
  • Financial Assistance is available for membership fees
  • Membership is not refundable or transferable to another person


System Tips & Tricks
  • Always use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser.
  • When searching for a troop, use only the country and city search filters. Set your search radius to 90 miles and do not enter a troop number. 
  • Do not hit the back arrow, this can cause an error. 
  • In the opportunity catalog: if you do not see your troop listed, select "unsure" and then tell us the troop #, community, and the name of the troop leader in the box that will popup upon the selection of unsure. 
  • For error messages: please take a screenshot of the message and contact us right away. Very important-- do not start over, this will cause additional errors.
  • If you are paying with a U.S. credit card, you will have to enter the state again after the country selection on the billing information page. 

** Check out this step-by-step guide to navigating the registration system**

Current Members
  • If your Girl Scout is a current member, please register through your online MyGS account.
  • If you have a MyGS account, please add family members who are new to Girl Scouts through the "Add a New Member" link found under the membership tab.
Transferring Overseas
  • If you think you will be PCSing soon or anticipate a move back to the States (or another country), you can still renew with USAGSO. Once you have your transition dates set, you can then request a membership transfer to a stateside council. 
  • If you are transferring from a stateside council to overseas, please complete this form.
  • If you are moving back to the United States, and want your membership records transferred to your new council, please complete this form.
  • If you are moving to a country other than the United States and would like to continue to participate with Girl Scouts, please contact our team for assistance. 
Singapore Members (only)

Due to in-country regulations, we are unable to process membership payments for our members in Singapore. We have arranged a special process with community volunteers in order to ensure a successful membership experience. 

For any member based in Singapore, please contact us before starting your online registration. 

Financial Assistance Information

Girl Scouts offers every girl a chance to do something amazing, go on fantastic new adventures, and change the world. As such, no girl will be denied access to Girl Scouts Overseas because of an inability to pay the cost of membership. Please contact your Overseas Committee Management Team to request financial aid. If you need further assistance or aid, please fill out this form. After you submit the form, a USAGSO representative will be in touch with you to help you complete your registration. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care Team

Please Read Before Joining!

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