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STEMinist Program Series

USAGSO STEMinists:  Adventures in STEM with Everyday Superheroes 

Girl Scouts Overseas is excited to have Raven Baxter, also known as Raven the Science Maven, kick-off our new USAGSO STEMinists: Adventures in STEM with Everyday Superheroes program. As an award-winning and internationally acclaimed science communicator and molecular biologist she works to progress the state of science education and culture by creating spaces that are inclusive, educational, and real. She is excited to help launch this new program with Girl Scouts Overseas to encourage all the innovators, inventors, explorers, experimenters and creators to participate!

Calling all innovators and inventors, explorers and experimenters! It’s time to get curious, ask questions and problem-solve…

You are invited to join our NEW virtual series in 2021, USAGSO STEMinists: Adventures in STEM with Everyday Superheroes! USAGSO STEMinists is an engaging, virtual STEM program series for Girl Scouts Overseas led by STEM Superheroes – real women working in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). During each program in the series, Girl Scouts will experience STEM with a Superhero. Keep reading for additional information about this exciting series!

Register for the STEMinist Program Pass here!

Interested in a bulk registration for your entire Overseas Committee or Troop(s)? Contact Taryn Rimland ( for details!

What happens in a STEMinist program?

Each STEMinist program includes a 60-minute virtual enrichment session featuring a hands-on, interactive STEM activity and conversation with a STEM Superhero.

Girl Scouts can attend the program individually or as a Troop/group. Registrants can attend the program live or view the session recording and complete the activity at a time that best suits your specific time zone.

Most STEMinist programs will align to Girl Scout badges and/or Journeys. A list of badge and/or Journey requirements fulfilled during the program will be sent to all registrants in the confirmation email.

A list of materials needed for the STEM activities will also be sent in the confirmation email. The confirmation email will also note if adult supervision or specific technology is required for the activities.

Why a STEMinist program?

This series serves three purposes:

1. Engage Girl Scouts in hands-on, enriching, and age-appropriate STEM activities to make connections to real world problems and solutions.

2. Encourage Girl Scouts to participate and earn STEM related badges and journeys.

3. Share diverse STEM careers and role models with Girl Scouts to foster excitement about STEM careers.

How does the STEMinist program operate?

This program is a collaboration led by USAGSO, in partnership with volunteer STEM Superheroes and program host Erin Twamley, a USAGSO Global Facilitator, educator and STEM author.


What are the STEMinist sessions I can participate in?

February 25
Dr. Paula Todd, Chemical Engineer
The Naked Egg
Badge/Journey Alignment: Think Like A Citizen Scientist
STEM Holiday: Engineering Week
View the recording from this session here.

March 6
Dr. Harshini Mukundan, Microbiologist (Daisies/Brownies or Juniors and Above)
Gummy DNA
Badge/Journey Alignment: TBA
STEM Holiday: No holiday, but super timely and relevant to COVID
View the recording for Daisies and Brownies here.
View the recording for Juniors and Above here.

March 25
Dr. Olivia Mullins, Neuroscientist (Juniors and above)
Activity TBA
Badge/Journey Alignment: Investigation
STEM Holiday: Brain Awareness Week

March 30
Erin Twamley, Author
Coding for Good
***Exclusive session just for Program Pass holders!***

April 17
Janice Lao, Environmental Scientist
Art, Nature, and Math: What Do They Have in Common?
Badge/Journey Alignment: It’s Your Planet – Love It
STEM Holiday: Environmental Month

April 24
Iris Caldwell, Reality Television Personality & Jasmine Cox, Textile Engineer
Dress a STEMinist
Badge/Journey Alignment: TBA
STEM Holiday: World Creativity and Innovation Day (April 21)

May 10
Dr. Kristen Lear, Bat Conservationist
Build Your Own Bat Wings
Badge/Journey Alignment: TBA
STEM Holiday: Making/Makers Week

June 5
Melissa Riederer, Leave No Trace Master Educator and Horticulturalist with a Focus on Environmental Restoration
Walking Water
Badge / Journey Alignment: TBA
STEM Holiday: Watershed Awareness Month

STEM Holiday: Watershed Awareness MonthAugust 12
DaNel Hogan, Physicist and Director of The STEMAZing Project
The One Page Kite
Badge/Journey Alignment: TBA
STEM Holiday: Back to School/End of Summer

September 11
Dr. Davina Durgana, Human Rights Statistician
Activity TBA
Badge/Journey Alignment: TBA

September 18
Dr. Jessica Fagerstrom, Medical Physicist
Pennies, M&Ms, and Radioactivity!
Badge/Journey Alignment: TBA

October 9
Isha M. Renta López, Meteorologist
Activity TBA
Badge/Journey Alignment: TBA

November 6
Dr. Arlyne Simon, Biomedical Engineer
Activity TBA
Badge/Journey Alignment: STEM Career Exploration
STEM Holiday: National STEM Day (November 8)

Coming Soon! Additional STEMinist sessions will be added here as they are confirmed. Stay Tuned! 

How do I register to attend all the STEMinist Sessions?

Our USAGSO STEMinist Program Pass costs $30.00 per girl for 12+ programs. The cost of the program pass includes the STEMinist patch.

Alternatively, girls may register for sessions “à la carte” at $5.00 per session.

Additional merchandise, including autographed copies of our STEMinist host, Erin Twamley's book, Everyday STEM Superheroes: Women in STEM Careers, can be purchased separately in our Overseas Girl Scout World Shop!

Are you a STEM Superhero, and interested in sharing your STEM superpowers with USAGSO Girl Scouts?

We are so excited that you are interested in sharing your time, energy, and STEM superpowers with our Girl Scout STEMinists! For more information, please check out our STEM Superheroes 1-pager and apply here to host a program.