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USAGSO Cookies are Here!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program prepares girls with the business smarts they need to take on the world!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world. Much more than a fundraiser, it’s a unique, hands-on way for girls to develop five essential skills that are core to the Girl Scout Leadership Program: Goal-setting, Decision-making, Money management, People skills and Business ethics.

USAGSO's 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Program Sale Dates:

February 3* to March 19, 2023: In-Person Cookie Sales and Digital Cookie Sales

* Due to supply chain issues (National Girl Scout Cookie Shortage) direct ship cookies are unavailable until February 27.

USAGSO operates a limited Cookie Program, primarily due to the restrictions around the importation and sale of American food products outside of the United States. With the guidance of GSUSA’s legal team, USAGSO is able to offer the cookie program to all registered USAGSO Girl Scouts meeting the criteria for each type of sale below. Let’s learn more about who and how girls can participate in the Cookie Program.

In-person Cookie Sales

In-person cookie sales refers to cookie sales that are done in-person- such as at a Girl Scout cookie booth. Communities participating in in-person cookie sales must order their cookies in the fall so that they can be shipped overseas before cookie sales begin in February. These USAGSO communities and their members are eligible to participate in in-person cookie sales.

  • US military in Asia, Europe, Guantanamo Bay, and Bahrain​
  • Pago Pago, American Samoa​
  • N. Mariana Islands​
  • US Virgin Islands​
  • Select embassies in Cairo, Tokyo, Lisbon, Frankfurt, and North Athens
Digital Cookie Sales

Digital cookie sales refer to cookie sales that take place using the Digital Cookie® platform. This platform allows girls to create their own cookie website where customers can purchase cookies and have them shipped directly from the baker to their home. The below USAGSO members are eligible to participate in the digital cookie program.

  • All Girl Scouts eligible for in-person sales in military communities and select embassy communities in Cairo, Tokyo, Lisbon, Frankfurt, and North Athens.
  • All Girl Scouts in the EU, USVI, & Mariana Islands​
  • US embassy or consulate affiliated WITH a US address on her GS account if out of the EU ​

Starting January 25, families can begin accessing their digital cookie account through their digital cookie registration email. Didn't receive a registration email? Visit to request access.

Having trouble getting in? Submit this form.

USAGSO would like to offer the Cookie Program to all of our overseas communities, and we continue to work with GSUSA’s legal team to research future expansion opportunities for our overseas members. If your community can’t sell cookies, check the USAGSO's Entrepreneurship Guidebook for other fun money-earning activities that you can do locally.