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Juliettes (I.R.M.s)

A Juliette is a G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ who has decided to continue her Girl Scout experience on an individual basis. A Juliette, or an Individually Registered Girl (I.R.G.), has the unique ability to mix and match her Girl Scout interests by choosing what special events, leadership projects, travel opportunities, and badge work that appeal to her.

Girl Scout Juliettes are busy, independent, and self-confident girls and young women who may be transitioning to a new community, live in an area without other Girl Scouts her age, or whose availability does not fit the traditional troop schedule. The Juliette program is available to all girls at all Girl Scout levels. As a Juliette, she can participate in anything that is open to her grade level including community events and programs.

Find out more about the opportunities available to Juliettes in USAGSO's Juliette Guidebook!

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How to Join as a Juliette

The first step to starting (or continuing) your Girl Scouting adventure as a Juliette is to register. New Girl Scouts can join by visiting and clicking “Join Now”. Returning Girl Scouts can join by visiting and signing into your family’s myAccount. Once registered, don’t forget to purchase your Juliette patch and uniform pieces at our overseas webstore!

Have questions or need help?  Contact us at

Virtual Troop Information

USAGSO currently hosts a Virtual Troop (VT) for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors! Any girls in grades 6-12, including girls from a WAGGGS sister country, may request to join the Virtual Troop, which is hosted through a secure forum.  Join the Virtual Troop starting July 1, 2020!

In the Virtual Troop, girls work at their own pace to complete badges and Journeys, as well as interact on social forums and receive assistance on their Highest Awards projects.  Twice a month, girls have the option to join live Hangouts where they can socialize with each other in real time, sharing playlists, discussing movies, and chatting about their lives.  Both the Hangouts and the forums are monitored by experienced Girl Scout leaders and advisors to ensure that girls are learning in a safe, fun online environment.

The Virtual Troop runs from September through May and accepts members all year long. 

Juliette Library

Our Juliette Library houses past copies of the Juliette Gazette, USAGSO's monthly digital magazine available for Daisies, Brownies, and Junior Girl Scouts, as well as our follow along at home Daisy petal booklet. Be sure to check back each month for new content or sign up here to receive the Juliette Gazette Newsletter directly to your email.

Our e-magazines are password protected and available only to USAGSO members.  Need the password? Email

Daisies (K-1st grades)

Daisy Petal Booklet

Daisy May 2020 Gazette

Daisy October 2020 Gazette

Daisy November 2020 Gazette

Daisy December 2020 Gazette

Daisy January 2021 Gazette

Daisy February 2021 Gazette 

Daisy March 2021 Gazette 

Daisy April 2021 Gazette

Daisy May 2021 Gazette

Daisy June 2021 Gazette

Brownies (2nd-3rd grades)

Brownie May 2020 Gazette

Brownie October 2020 Gazette

Brownie November 2020 Gazette

Brownie December 2020 Gazette

Brownie January 2021 Gazette

Brownie February 2021 Gazette 

Brownie March 2021 Gazette 

Brownie April 2021 Gazette

Brownie May 2021 Gazette

Brownie June 2021 Gazette

Juniors (4th-5th grades)

Junior May 2020 Gazette

Junior October 2020 Gazette

Junior November 2020 Gazette

Junior December 2020 Gazette

Junior January 2021 Gazette

Junior February 2021 Gazette 

Junior March 2021 Gazette

Junior April 2021 Gazette

Junior May 2021 Gazette

Junior June 2021 Gazette

Save money and order a year of Juliette Gazette badges and patches at the USAGSO online store: Daisy Juliette Kit , Brownie Juliette Kit , Junior Juliette Kit .