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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about USA Girl Scouts Overseas:

What is USA Girl Scouts Overseas (USAGSO)?

USA Girl Scouts Overseas is Girl Scouts of the USA's overseas arm, which has provided Girl Scout program for American girls living outside the United States since 1925. We serve over 12,000 members in 90+ countries, including, the Federated States of Micronesia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Marshall Islands, and Guam. Originally established to support Girl Scouting in American military families living abroad, USA Girl Scouts Overseas today has a membership that is approximately 60% non-military and 40% Military.

What does USAGSO do for girls and their families?

For 90 years, USA Girl Scouts Overseas has been helping girls and families make a smooth transition to their new location. Whether a family relocates with a corporation, the military, an embassy, or missionary services, a girl must leave all her friends, her faith community, her grandparents and everything that is familiar to her…yet she can still remain active in the U.S. Girl Scout organization through its overseas branch. Belonging to a familiar, reputable group gives girls the security of knowing that they'll have an instant group of friends when they reach their new home.

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How is USAGSO organized?

Girl Scouts of the USA authorizes "overseas committees" in communities outside of the United States, since Girl Scout councils do not exist overseas. These overseas committees are collectively known as USA Girl Scouts Overseas. While girls live in other countries—whether they hold an American passport or attend American or international schools—USA Girl Scouts Overseas provides them with the fun, friendship, and adventures of Girl Scouting no matter where they are in the world.

Does USAGSO operate similarly to Girl Scouts in the United States?

Girls and adults involved in USA Girl Scouts Overseas use the National Program portfolio GS Journeys and the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting, insignia, and uniforms as their Girl Scout sisters in stateside troops. USA Girl Scouts Overseas creates exciting options for learning, exploring, and appreciating the girls' new surroundings. Girl Scouting overseas is flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of a particular country or location. Girl Scout activities are offered in science, technology, sports, careers, leadership, computers, global awareness, and more. In addition, USA Girl Scouts Overseas provides girls the opportunity to experience firsthand the international Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting sisterhood.

Why become involved in USAGSO?

Families today are getting the chance to move overseas because of career choices, as well as for business, education, government, embassy, missionary, and other reasons. After the move, Girl Scouting is a great place for girls to learn about their new culture, develop leadership skills, have fun, and make friendships that may not only last a lifetime, but also span the globe. Girl Scouting is the common denominator for girls no matter where they move in the world.

How can adults get involved?

Volunteer adult leadership is essential to the Girl Scouts Overseas. Many volunteer opportunities are available for adults interested in making a difference in a young girl's life, including working directly with girls as leaders or offering administrative support to troops.

For those family members prohibited from working in a foreign country because of its laws, Girl Scouting is the perfect place to share your expertise and increase your skills in a particular area of interest. Please contact USA Girl Scouts Overseas for more information on volunteer opportunities with your overseas committee.