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Who We Are

USA Girl Scouts Overseas (USAGSO) brings Girl Scouts to the daughters of military, foreign service, and American expat families around the world and to girls in American or International schools.  An operating unit of Girl Scouts of the USA, USAGSO ensures that no matter where American families move, they will have access to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Originally known as Lone Troops on Foreign Soil, Girl Scouts’ overseas program began in 1925 with a single troop of 18 girls in Shanghai, China. Today, USAGSO supports over 12,500 members in 90+ countries around the world. USAGSO members are supported by a staff team in three locations: at Girl Scout headquarters in New York City; Vicenza, Italy; and Camp Zama in Japan. 

Why Girl Scouts Overseas?

Not only do USAGSO members participate in the same great Girl Scout Leadership Experience as their stateside sister scouts, but they also experience much more. Many USAGSO families relocate every 2-4 years; USA Girl Scouts Overseas provides a sense of security and stability as families transition to new locations. Through USA Girl Scouts Overseas, girls find an immediate support network and friendship group with whom they have something in common: The Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Far from the United States, Girl Scouts connects girls to their American culture and, through our worldwide network, helps girls bridge cultural gaps and build friendships around the world. Our strong partnerships with the local Girl Guide/Scout programs provide opportunities for USAGSO members, and their families, to actively participate in bi-lateral host nation programs that are exciting, unique, and profound.