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Volunteer Training


Relevant, accessible trainings and resources are the key to success as a Girl Scout volunteer, and USAGSO is here to help equip you with everything you need to ensure a positive Girl Scout experience for every girl, everywhere.

Below, you will find USAGSO’s content roadmap for all of our volunteers. Unless otherwise noted, all trainings are housed in gsLearn, accessed through your myGS account.* Please complete the trainings required for your volunteer position(s) within one month of appointment.

gsLearn Content Roadmap for Volunteers

Required for Troop Leaders:

  • 700 USAGSO 101
  •  GSUSA Successful Leader Learning Series
  • GSUSA Volunteer Toolkit -- Troop Leader View

Required for Overseas Committee Management Team Members: 

  • 700 OCMT 101
  • 700 GSUSA Successful OCMT Learning Series + OCMT Planning Packet
  • Position Trainings
    • 700 OCC Training
    • 700 Secretary Training
    • 700 Registrar Training
    • 700 Treasurer Training
    • 700 Cookie Manager Training
    • 700 Recruiter Training

Required for Specific Outdoor Activities with Girls:

  • Outdoor Training*
     * Please note that you must take the knowledge check in gsLearn to officially complete your Outdoor Training Certificate. 

Optional Enrichment Opportunities:

  • Overseas Updates: All the Need-to-Know Info for USAGSO Volunteers
  • GIRL Talks 
  • Facilitating Virtual Troop Meetings
  • Navigating Conflict with Confidence
  • Adult Awards
  • Back to Troop and/or New Troop Leader Orientation
  • And more!

* Trainings are also available in-person, delivered by a USAGSO Staff Member and/or Overseas Volunteer Partner. Please visit our Overseas Volunteer Partners page for more information on that amazing team of volunteers and to request in-person trainings .