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Volunteer Brand Center

Girl Scouts around the world are working together to speak with one voice! Join the movement by following specific style guidelines. To help our overseas volunteers, we have created the overseas brand center where you can access materials that will be useful to your Girl Scout journey. 

Brand Checklist

If you're creating your own flyer, form, or other piece of Girl Scout material, follow this easy checklist to make sure it meets our branding guidelines:

  1. Three colors: All Girl Scouts Overseas materials should use three colors: black, white, and Girl Scout green! You can tell if it's Girl Scout green by the hex number (#00b451), rgb number (r0 g180 b81), or PMS number (354). 
  2. Servicemark: Is our servicemark in the top left-hand corner of your document? If so, great! If not, please add it. 
  3. Full name: For branded materials, please use our full name—USA Girl Scouts Overseas or Girl Scouts Overseas. This helps people recognize our brand and reduces confusion. 
  4. Platform name: If you create a platform of any sort (social media, microsite, etc.,) it is imperative that you add USAGSO at the beginning of the title-- so USAGSO Camp, USAGSO Shop... and so on. However, all platforms need to be approved by the MarComm team. 
  5. Font: Please use our official Girl Scout font on all materials. If you're using a platform that does not allow you to access our font or if you're creating materials that might be viewed by someone who does not have Girl Scout installed on their computer (for example, if you're creating an email, powerpoint, or word document that will be viewed or downloaded by members), use our alternative font Palatino Linotype. 
Flyers, Social Images, and More

Find our current recruitment resources here!

Servicemarks, Trefoils, and Powerpoint Template

Servicemarks, Trefoils, and Powerpoint Template

Photography Recommendations

Photography Recommendations:

Choosing photos to use for your piece is extremely important. Remember to focus on moments that matter, we want the world to see and feel for themselves all of the amazing things our girls are doing and showcase the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Energy, eye contact, and environment should all be considered when selecting the perfect photograph. When cropping a photograph, the ratio of subject to background should be 80/20. An image with 80 percent girl and 20 percent background will feel immediate and personal. An image with 20 percent girl and 80 percent background will show context and showcase activities.

Once you take a photo of that great Girl Scout experience, then send it to us! We love to see and share what Girl Scouts are doing around the world. 

As part of purchasing membership, most signed Girl Scout Membership Forms include permission for photos to be used for Girl Scout purposes—if in doubt, ask the girl’s parent or guardian. If you have a photo that includes non-Girl Scouts, they can fill out an Image Release Consent Form.

Uniform Insignia Placement

Uniform Insignia Placement

Girl Scout badges, patches, awards, and other insignia should be presented, worn, and displayed only after Girl Scouts have completed the requirements outlined in official program materials. Here is how you should place insignia on a Girl Scout uniforms at each grade level.

Sensitive Issues

Please contact USAGSO immediately by phone (1-800-467-0070) or email if any of the following occurs: 

  • You are contacted by the media, police, government officials, or other public representatives;
  • Anyone at any time says they plan to speak to the media, a public official or the police about something impacting USA Girl Scouts Overseas; or
  • A serious health or safety risk comes to your attention.
Social Media & Community Websites

Community Websites: 

While a dedicated volunteer may develop and support a great website for your community, when they leave, the website quickly becomes out-of-date and can cause confusion to new or potential members. Additionally, new international data security laws require much stricter compliance with any online presence. Because, legally, our communities fall under USA Girl Scouts Overseas and GSUSA, we assume responsibility for them and to all international data security laws. In this everchanging world, monitoring sites to ensure compliance with all applicable laws is costly, time-consuming, and not feasible for USAGSO nor GSUSA staff.

Starting in 2019, we kindly ask that USA Girl Scout Overseas communities remove their community website or make those sites private.

Understanding that there are valid reasons for having a public website, we will allow for some exceptions. To request an exception to this requirement, please contact USA Girl Scouts Overseas at prior to setting up a website for your community or if you have a current community website. If you do not contact USA Girl Scouts Overseas with your exception request, you will be out of compliance with USAGSO, and therefore, you will need to remove all Girl Scout trademarked images from your website. If the use of trademarked images is found on an unapproved website, we may ask you to shut down your website immediately. 

Social Media

Please complete this form USA Girl Scouts Overseas before setting up an external social media platform for your community. Similar to community websites, a dedicated volunteer may develop and support a great social media platform for your community; but when they leave, the page quickly becomes out-of-date and can cause confusion to new members. We have found many outdated and/or multiple Facebook pages for the same communities. By submitting your request, we hope to curtail the confusion and duplicative pages.

If you have a current, public social media platform for your community, please complete this form for tracking purposes.

For more information on social media, please look at USAGSO's Social Media Guidelines.


We love to hear from you! Please share your community stories and photos by submitting this form.

Looking for more resources or have any questions? Email us at

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