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USAGSO Microgrant Program

The USAGSO microgrant program provides financial support to communities offering volunteer development and girl engagement activities. Through these microgrants, USAGSO strives to increase the quality and accessibility of Girl Scout program and training overseas. 

USAGSO microgrants range from $100 USD to $2,500 USD. Currently only registered Overseas Committee Management Team (OCMT) members and troop leaders (with OCMT approval if in an established Overseas Committee) are eligible to apply. While we will do our best to support all requests, funding is limited, and approval is not guaranteed. We encourage you to apply early! Applications should be submitted 30-90 days prior to the event. Priority will be given to applications containing the following information:

  • Detailed budget 
  • Defined, measurable goals (example: number of girl and/or adult members impacted)
  • Clear connection with the Girl Scout Leadership Experience 
  • Collaboration with one or more committees, troops, or community partners

Learn more about the USAGSO Microgrant Program!

Volunteer Development Funding

Volunteer development funds are intended to help communities attract and retain volunteers by equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to provide quality Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Below are just a few things that would fall under volunteer development and support. We look forward to seeing the creative ideas you have to build a strong and confident volunteer force!

  • Volunteer training-related expenses
  • Costs associated with hosting an Overseas Volunteer Partner (OVP) via the OVP Service Request
  • CPR and/or first aid training
  • Regional events that foster volunteer collaboration (more than one community) 
  • Recruitment campaigns or events
Girl Engagement Funding

Girl engagement funds are intended to benefit registered Girl Scouts. Here are just a few ways you can use a USAGSO microgrant to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to every girl, everywhere:  

  • Overnight or day camp
  • STEM day
  • First aid, CPR, and/or babysitter training for older Girl Scouts
  • Resources for earning badges or Journeys
  • Travel to/from a Girl Scout or Girl Guide event 
Additional Requirements

In addition to the USAGSO microgrant application, grant recipients are required to submit an after-action report, including receipts and photos, within 2-weeks of the event. Recipients that fail to submit an after-action report and receipts will be asked to return the microgrant funds and denied future funding.


USAGSO Microgrant Recipients Hall of Fame

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