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Volunteer with Girl Scouts!

Volunteer Appreciation

You bring the power of Girl Scouting to girls—thank you, USAGSO volunteers!

Things may look and feel very different right now, but what hasn’t changed is the outsized impact you continue to have on girls’ lives. When you take the lead as a volunteer, girls discover that they too can take on leadership roles and change the world. 


That's why National Volunteer Month is so near and dear to our hearts. Every April, we celebrate the powerful, life-changing contributions our volunteers make to Girl Scouts all year long. No matter what the world throws at us, you are the ones who keep the Girl Scout spirit strong—and whatever you bring to Girl Scouts at this time, your efforts are incredible and appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Additionally, every year on April 22—Girl Scout Leader’s Day—we give extra kudos to you. Troop leaders: we love you, and we’re forever grateful to you for being the role models girls look up to, especially in challenging times like these.

30 Days of Gratitude: We Love Girl Scout Volunteers!

From GS Blog:

Even as we face unprecedented challenges, Girl Scout volunteers are still finding both big and small ways to show girls they care—and are doing an amazing job. Volunteers are the reason we’re feeling grateful, no matter what happens in the world around us. But it’s one thing for us to say how much we appreciate our volunteers; we want them to hear it from the people they impact the most!

We asked girls, families, and co-leaders to share why they’re grateful for their favorite volunteer—whether that’s their supportive troop leader, the cookie manager who always brings their A-game, or their service unit volunteer who comes through when you need them—and what they said melted our hearts! So throughout National Volunteer Month, we’re sharing their stories on our blog and social accounts. We’ll be updating this blog daily, so let’s keep the gratitude attitude going, even if we can’t be near one another right now.


Families and Girl Scouts, share the love!

For all of April, show your favorite Girl Scout volunteers, like your troop leader or your Overseas Committee Chair, how much they mean to you. Even if you can’t see them in person right now, here are a few ways to show you care:

  • Call or video chat with them!
  • Personalize one of our predesigned card templates, one for younger girls and  one for older girls. Add a straight-from-the-heart message then text or email it to your volunteer/s. They’ll love hearing how they’ve made a difference in your life!
And more ideas...
  • Nominate someone for a Volunteer Award.
  • Plant a tree in their name.
  • Do a good deed or random act of kindness.
  • Submit a success story for our USAGSO publication or your local newspaper or base/embassy newsletter.
  • Donate to USA Girl Scouts Overseas in their name.
  • Share the love on social media! During National Volunteer Week (April 19–25) and on Girl Scout Leader’s Day (April 22), tell the world why your Girl Scout volunteer is so special to you across your social channels—everyone loves seeing a happy story on their feed! Make sure to tag @girlscouts and include the hashtag #NVW2020.