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Community Patch Programs

At USAGSO, girls can earn patches and badges for activities they complete in troop meetings, community events, and through  independent activities. Requirements to earn patches can range from participation in a fun activity or field trip or to much more involved activities where girls learn about a subject area or acquire a new skill. 

Beyond the various patch programs offered through USAGSO, many overseas communities have created their own patch program to teach visiting Girl Scouts about their overseas community or as a Take Action community service project. Additionally, for many large overseas communities, patch programs have become a money earning activity as USAGSO girls and their stateside sisters complete these patches. Please remember, the patches are organized at the community level and our global team of volunteers help make these great resources available to girls all around the world!

A comprehensive list of community patches will be coming soon!

If your community has a patch that you would like to share with other Girl Scouts, please complete this survey** so we can add your information to the list!

**Please note that by submitting information through this survey, you agree to be the point of contact for your community's patch program and will update USAGSO with any changes to your community's patch program. USAGSO does not manage the operations or communications around the individual community patch programs.