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Highest Awards Highlights

Making a Difference Around the World: USA Girl Scouts are making a difference in over 80 countries around the world!  Take a look at some of the ways Girl Scouts Overseas are making positive change in their community.

Highest Awards Highlights

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USAGSO Gold Award Spotlight

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the most prestigious award in the world for girls—and the most difficult to earn—and it’s only available to Girl Scouts! At USA Girl Scouts Overseas, we are excited to highlight Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers, and Leaders living overseas who are thinking big and making sustainable impacts in their communities and countries all around the world. 

Gold Award Girl Scout: Tegan

For our very first USAGSO Gold Award Girl Scout story, we are featuring Tegan and her Gold Award Girl Scout project called: Ocean’s Alive. Congrats Tegan!

Gold Award Girl Scout Project Title: Ocean’s Alive

Realizing how the world’s oceans are struggling to survive because of plastic waste, Tegan’s Gold Award Girl Scout project focused on educating people about the issue and developing solutions to make easy changes that will help minimize waste and trash, and in turn, positively impact the future of our environment. As a Girl Scout located overseas in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Tegan’s Girl Scout Gold Award project benefited people all over the world as they learned how they are part of the problem, how to help, and why it is so important to have clean oceans.

Her Gold Award Girl Scout project was developed as a combination of online informational sites and multiple zero waste events to help educate people on the issue that oceans are being destroyed and what changes an individual can take to make a difference. In addition to the zero-waste events and informational games, Tegan developed a website to make the information easily accessible to anyone who had an interest in positively affecting our shared environment. Her project will continue on through environmental clubs at her schools as well as the individuals who are now educated on how plastic waste is damaging our environment and what steps they can take to make a difference. 

According to Tegan: “The issues the oceans have will be a lifelong journey to fix, and I will continue throughout my life to help educate people to make changes in their lifestyle and participate in helping to solve an issue so very important to all the world and people’s well-being. When I started my project, I knew that I wanted to be able to have a reliable and sustainable aspect that would keep my project alive, hopefully for many generations, so I focused on the highly sustainable aspect of education. Knowledge empowers people and once you educate one person there is a multiplier effect where they will educate others and then those people will educate even more people until we get to the point where everyone is aware of the issues at hand. To educate I have created and dedicated a few portions of my project to learning and teaching in various forms for different ages. I thought that creating many aspects to my project that were educational, online, and accessible for people worldwide would help to have a long-lasting and sustainable effect.”

You can learn more about this G.I.R.L.’s hard work in environmental advocacy and awareness-raising, by visiting her website. USA Girl Scouts Overseas is proud of your leadership and can’t wait to see what you do in the future to help generations to come! 


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