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Tri-Border Community

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Description: A Walking Tour of the Netherlands Oldest City. Maastricht is the capital of Limburg, the southernmost of the eleven provinces which constitute the Netherlands. It’s central location between Aachen, Germany and Liege, Belgium (each only 20 miles away) has created a cultural mixture unique in its charm and appeal. Any time of the year, even the grey days of winter the streets and restaurants are lively, and a cheerful, buoyant atmosphere prevails.

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Patch Name: Castles & Cathedrals

Description: Folklore and fairytales, princes, knights, and kings are storybook characters to most of us. But as we begin living overseas and visiting some castles and cathedrals, we begin to learn fact from fiction. Visit at least 3 castles and cathedrals on this tour and complete the challenges.


**While USA Girl Scouts Overseas is happy to share the patch programs from our overseas communities, we do not manage the programs nor are we responsible for any aspect of this program. USAGSO does not have access to the patches nor are we able to reimburse you for any costs you have incurred participating in this program.  Before participating in the patch program, we recommend that you contact the Patch Program Contact listed on the website to ensure the information is still accurate**.