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Zero-Waste Challenge

The 2020 USAGSO Zero-Waste Challenge is designed to help you think about all the things you and your family can do to help preserve our planet. Remember, environmental conservation isn’t just about reducing waste either. It’s about mini­mizing our use of resources too, like not leaving the tap running when you brush your teeth, turning off lights, and unplugging chargers when they’re not in use or using public transit to lower fuel consumption and air pollution.

This year’s challenge invites you to adopt some of these actions and behaviors for a specific length of time. We’ll be honest though - our hope is that you will take on more actions than required and practice them for them much longer than the challenge requires. If we are serious about helping the planet, we need to change our ways as best we can for as long as we can – maybe for a lifetime! And, if all goes well, your family might even save extra money each month by buying and consuming less!

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Challenge Requirements

The required amount of activities for each grade level are listed below. As soon as you have completed the required number of activities complete the online form to receive your patch!

  • Daisy – 3 actions for 1 week
  • Brownie – 5 actions for 2 weeks
  • Juniors – 7 actions for 3 weeks
  • Cadettes – 10 actions for 4 weeks
  • Seniors – 10-12 actions for 5 weeks
  • Ambassadors – 10-12 actions for 6 weeks

Challenge Rules and Deadlines

Girls should complete the required number of activities for their grade level and submit the Zero-Waste Challenge Form—available online only—to earn the patch. Girls may complete activities as a group, but each girl and should only count activities that they participated in.

Free patches are available to USAGSO members for past challenges while supplies last. USAGSO program challenges are open to non-USAGSO members, but patches must be purchased through the USAGSO shop