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What to Do if You Can't Sell Cookies

Money earning activities are a great way to support girls in reaching their goals in Girl Scouting. Money earned by Girl Scouting benefits the girls who have earned it, as well as their communities. And, there are many ways to earn money and gain the financial and entrepreneurial skills typically received through cookie sales. 

Money earning activities can include:

  • Community babysitting
  • Bake sales 
  • Spaghetti dinners
  • And more

For examples from councils and overseas communties on how to give girls a way to build public speaking, financial literacy, marketing, and other skills, click here .*Note that not all these ideas will be appropriate in all regions/countries or committees.

Building upon the list of ideas, facilitate a group brainstorming session to determine how your group will earn money. Please share your ideas with other communities!

The reasons USAGSO cookies is limited to sales through booths on U.S. military installations in Asia and Europe include:

  • USAGSO does not have the ability to sell outside of the United States.
  • Individual members of, or subdivision/s (troops, overseas committees etc.) of the National Organization (GSUSA) are not authorized to make financial commitments on behalf of the National Organization. 
  • Many countries require that food product be packaged with nationally approved nutritional disclosure. 
  • International shipping exposes the product to adverse weather conditions and longer than reasonable shipment time. 
  • The laws guiding importing and selling American food products in other countries can be prohibitive.  

If your community can’t sell cookies, check the USAGSO's Entrepreneurship Guidebook for other fun money-earning activities that you can do locally.