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USAGSO & Digital Cookies

The Digital Cookie® platform helps girls superpower their cookie sales as they go beyond the booth with mobile and online channels. That’s right. The platform is a fun, educational tool that helps girls run and manage their Girl Scout Cookie business online.

This year, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our Digital Cookie program to U.S. Girl Scouts living on military installations with APO/FPO address in the following countries: Mainland Japan, Okinawa, South Korea, as well as in Northern Marina Islands. The best part is that even if you don’t have a cookie program in your community, as long as you have an APO/FPO/DPO or United States’ mailing address, you can order Digital Cookies from these overseas locations! Click on the map below to learn how you can order Digital Cookies from a location overseas.

To order Digital Cookies from an overseas location click on this map! 

If you are experiencing issues with the Digital Cookie registration system or would like to participate in Digital Cookie, please complete this form and USAGSO will be in touch to help you get started!

For ALL Digital Cookie inquiries, please contact our Digital Help Desk.

Resources for Digital Cookie Sellers

Digital Cookie "How-to" Guides
Digital Cookie FAQs
About Digital Cookie

1. What is the Digital Cookie platform and how does it work?

The iconic Girl Scout Cookie Program you know and love is going beyond the booth and allowing girls to sell in their native digital space by offering them new channels to enhance their cookie sale and new ways to learn twenty-first-century business skills. Over 1 million excited Girl Scouts are ready to take their cookie sale to a whole new level!

In true Girl Scout style, the girls initiate the cookie sale. With the Digital Cookie platform, customers will be able to buy Girl Scout cookies through one of two digital sales platforms, depending on their area. Some girls will invite friends and family to visit their personalized cookie website, or take in person orders using a mobile app. With these options, customers can place their orders online, pick their delivery method, and pay by credit card.

2. Why isn’t Digital Cookie available in my overseas community?

USAGSO is aware of the opportunity Digital Cookie brings to communities overseas. We continue to work with Girl Scouts of the USA’s legal team to research and determine regulations in each country to ensure data security and compliance with all pertinent international laws, which also includes regulations imposed by individual countries, in order to determine the ability to offer Digital Cookie in other overseas locations. Even for overseas communities on a U.S. military base, the location is still overseas and regulations from the country in which the base is located must be researched to ensure we are in compliance.  As soon as we have approval from GSUSA to implement Digital Cookie in other communities we will eagerly inform everyone. 

3. Are you taking booth sales and/or door-to-door sales away?

Booth Sales and door-to-door sales to eligible communities are here to stay! Far from replacing the traditional cookie program, the Digital Cookie platform expands and enhances a girl’s experience by giving her a fun new way to learn 21st century skills while providing another way to sell cookies. So, this cookie season, depending on your location, a Girl Scout could approach you through a door-to-door sale, at a booth sale, virtual booth sale, drive-thru sale, or through an email invitation to visit her Digital Cookie website.

4. What new skills do girls learn with the Digital Cookie platform?

Aside from honing in on the Girl Scout Cookie Program’s “5 Skills”—goal setting, money management, people skills, decision making, and business ethics—the Digital Cookie platform provides girls an opportunity to get hands-on experience with twenty-first-century skills in areas such as financial literacy, social responsibility, STEM, innovation, ecommerce, entrepreneurship, teamwork, email marketing, data tracking, site setup, and managing customer lists—to name just a few!

5. When do USAGSO Digital Cookie sales start?

January 22 to March 21, 2021: Digital Cookie Sale** in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, UK, the Netherlands, Mainland Japan, Okinawa, and South Korea, as well as Northern Mariana Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI)

**Please note, except for girls located in the USVI, this expansion is currently limited to U.S. girls on military installations with APO/FPO addresses.

6. Will all USASO Girl Scouts be selling cookies digitally?

        This year USAGSO is offering Digital Cookie to:

  • U.S. Girl Scouts overseas with the US. Military in: Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Mainland Japan, Okinawa and South Korea with a US address (APO/FPO). 
  • U.S. Girl Scouts overseas affiliated with a U.S. Embassy/consulate with a US address (DPO or other US address). ​
  • U.S. Girl Scouts in Norther Mariana Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • U.S. Girl Scouts in Paris, France

7. How can I purchase cookies on line from a USAGSO community?

To purchase cookies online from any of the USAGSO participating locations, please visit click on the map above to identify the contact information for each of the communities participating in Digital Cookie.

Important: Cookies ordered through Digital Cookie can only be mailed to USA, APO, FPO, or DPO mailing addresses and we are only able to accept U.S. bank credit cards for payment.

8. Can I order cookies online and have them shipped overseas?

Currently, we are not offering the option of shipping cookies overseas. Digital Cookie can only ship cookies to the following locations: APO (Army Post Office), DPO (Diplomatic Post Office), or FPO (Fleet Post Office), US mailing address, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

9. How long does shipping typically take?

Approximately 3-10 business days for the customer to receive their order. May be more when shipping to APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

10. How much do Girl Scout cookies in USAGSO Digital Cookie cost?

The sale price for the six-traditional flavor Girl Scout cookies is $5.00 per box and for the specialty cookies, S’mores and Toffee-tastic is $6.00 per box. There is a shipping and handling cost.

See rates below:

For 13+ pkgs, the flat rate will start over. (i.e. 16 packages = $14.25 + $9.25)

$5.00 surcharge to orders shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, APO/FPO/DPO, and US Virgin Islands.

The minimum order for direct ship is four packages. Shipping charges do not apply for donated cookies.

11. How much does shipping and handling cost?

Shipping and handling costs are calculated in tiers starting at $9.95 for 4–6 boxes of cookies. But don’t worry about doing all that math. Note that shipping charges do not apply for donated cookies. Just visit the Digital Cookie site, make your cookie selections, and we’ll calculate the shipping for you before you finalize your order. Thank you for your support!

12. Can I purchase cookies on Digital Cookie with a foreign credit card?

Due to international trade matters, we are only able to accept U.S. bank credit cards for payment at this time.

13. Where does the money from the Digital Cookie sales go?

As with the traditional Girl Scout Cookie Program, 100% of the net revenue earned from cookie sales will remain with the sale sponsor, USA Girl Scout Overseas. Girls decide how to spend their troop cookie money* and reinvest it in their communities through “Take Action” projects and learning experiences, including travel. As a result, customers who purchase Girl Scout Cookies are not only getting a delicious treat—they are also making an important investment in their communities. 

*Overseas Committee Management Teams in the pilot expansion (US Girl Scout affiliated with US embassies and consulates with a DPO/US address in her GS account details) and pilot program (US Girl Scouts Paris, France) receive a portion of the proceeds in the form of credit to use towards Girl Scout merchandise, programming, or membership.

14. How is Digital Cookie profit divided?

Traditional Cookies:

In a $5.00 box of cookies:

- $2.40 goes to leadership development for girls and adults

- $1.38 goes directly to the troop

- $1.06 goes to pay the baker

- $ .16 goes to recognitions and rewards for the girls

Specialty Cookies (S’mores & Toffee-tastic):

In a $6.00 box of cookies:

- $2.42 goes to leadership development for girls and adults

- $1.38 goes directly to the troop

- $2.04 goes to pay the baker 

- $ .16 goes to recognitions and rewards for the girls

Each OCMT decides the split of the OC profit amount per box ($1.38) between the OC and the troops. USAGSO recommends that the troops receive the greater portion of the split.

Cookie Orders (for Customers)

1. What does in-person delivery mean through the Digital Cookie platform?

Depending on your location, in-person delivery allows your order to be delivered face-to-face by a Girl Scout. When a customer selects the in-person delivery option via the Digital Cookie platform, that selection must be first approved by an adult or caregiver. Parental approval may be based on cookie inventory, distance, capacity to deliver to the requested address, and whether the girl can meet the estimated delivery time of 6–10 weeks.

2. Are cookies shipped via regular mail or via a third-party shipping company?

Cookies are shipped using major carrier(s) from the distribution center to your specified shipping address.

3. Other than shipping and handling, are there any other fees associated with online ordering?

No, there are no other fees other than the cost of cookies. When you pay for shipping and handling, you’re helping empower girls to do more with their cookie earnings. These fees go directly to the vendors who help us make sure your delicious cookies get to you and that the cookie money gets to her troop. That way, she and her friends can go out into their communities and do amazing things.

4. Can I adjust my order after it has been placed?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your order or update a shipping address after the order has been placed. Once an order is submitted, all sales are final.

5. How can I track my order?

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email confirmation with order information, including your carrier tracking number.

Registration Information (for Parents & Volunteers)

1. How do USAGSO Girl Scouts sign up to participate in Digital Order Card?

Parents/Guardians will receive an email on January 10 to register their Girl Scout for Digital Cookie. The registration email will come from – Sender: “Girl Scout Cookies” <> with the subject “Register for the Digital Cookie Platform Today”. To be eligible to participate in the digital cookie program with USAGSO, these requirements must be met:

            1. Girl Scout must have an active 2021 Membership

            2. Girl Scout must have a US based address in her GS account details

              a. Military girl scouts must have an APO, FPO, or US address

              b. Embassy or consulate girl scouts must have a DPO or US address

            3. Primary Adult or guardian must be opted into emails

2. I did not receive the registration email? How can I register for Digital Cookie?

If you did not received the “Register for the Digital Cookie Platform Today” email, complete this form and USAGSO will be in touch to help you get started. If you are a volunteer, please contact

3. Why should my Girl Scout use Digital Cookie?

Girl Scouting moves at the speed of girls, and today’s girls are more connected than ever. Girls will learn digital marketing skills through fun games, activities and quizzes, and use technology in new and engaging ways. They’ll earn badges along the way and build even more skills than they would with traditional sales alone. Plus, girls can seriously boost their sales by reaching friends and family who might not live nearby.

4. Can Juliette/Individually Registered Members participate in Digital Cookie?

Typically, we don't have a lot of Juliettes participating in the cookie sales. However, if you have a Juliette in your community, or are a Juliette associated with a cookie-selling overseas community, please contact your Overseas Committee in order to be paired up with a troop during the cookie-selling season. Please note, to be eligible to participate in the digital cookie program with USAGSO, the following requirements must be met:

            1. Girl Scout must have an active 2021 Membership

            2. Girl Scout must have a US based address in her GS account 

               a. Military girl scouts must have an APO, FPO, or US address

               b. Embassy or consulate girl scouts must have a DPO or US address

            3. Primary Adult or guardian must be opted into emails

5. Do girls receive credit and do troops receive proceeds for boxes sold through Digital Order card?

Yes! All boxes sold by a girl through Digital Order Card will count toward her earning recognitions. Troops will also earn proceeds on all packages sold by girls regardless of whether they are sold through traditional sales or the Digital Order Card. Girl Scout Overseas Communities participating in the pilot expansion (US Girl Scout affiliated with US embassies and consulates with a DPO/US address in her GS account details) and pilot program (US Girl Scouts Paris, France) will receive credit to be used towards Girl Scout merchandise, product, and programming in lieu of cash payments.

6. Does USAGSO offer a rewards program for girls participating in Digital Cookie?

Yes! Girls who participate in Digital Cookie are eligible for the Cookie Techie Rewards and Gift of Caring Rewards (donations) programs. At the end of the program, USAGSO places the Cookie Techie Rewards order for all the girls who earned them with the baker. Then, the baker mails rewards directly to the Overseas Committee mailing address on file to be distributed to the troops down to girls.

7. Does the parent need two email addresses or is both girls under the same account?

Girls under 13 do not need an email address. They will be registered by a parent using the parent’s email address on file at USA Girl Scouts Overseas.  Communications from Digital Cookie will be sent to that parent’s email address and will allow the parent to register all girls in her household.  

Girls 13 and up require an email address to participate in Digital Cookie.  Her email address must be unique to her--it cannot be shared with a sibling or be the same as the parent’s registration email address.  That email address is solely for accessing Digital Cookie, and will not be visible to customers, to anyone with the site URL, or on any website.  That email address will never be shared with anyone or use for any other purpose than communications about Digital Cookie. Some parents with concerns may elect to set up an email account for their daughter and simply not share the password.

NOTE: The email address cannot be the same as the parents’ email address. It can be a legit email or a made-up email. Either way, an email address must be present.

8. Any options for siblings to email together?

Unfortunately, there are not options for siblings to email together at this time.

9. If I am a volunteer and have a daughter participating in Digital Cookie, can I access my child’s Digital Cookie account under my volunteer Digital Cookie account?

As a volunteer you will have the ability to “toggle” between your volunteer/leader view and your daughter’s account.

10. For troops that have multiple leaders/cookie managers, can multiple people see the Leader dashboard?

Yes. Each leader/cookie manager will have their login credentials and the ability to see their respective dashboards.

Volunteer-Specific Information

1. Does digital cookie site replace Little Brownie Baker?

Digital Cookie does not replace eBudde. Digital Cookie is platform Girl Scouts can use to sell cookies to their customers. eBudde is the order management system developed by Little Brownie Baker to manage the Cookie Program sales. Note that entries made in eBudde automatically sync with Digital Cookie platform.

2. How does Digital Cookie payment work for communities?

For each box of cookies sold through Digital Cookie and shipped directly from the baker to the customer (ie. does not come out of local inventory), $1.38 will be deducted from the community’s cookie booth sales amount due to USAGSO. For each box of cookies sold through Digital Cookie with Girl Delivery or donation/gift of caring, $5 (regular box) or $6 (specialty box) will be deducted from the community’s cookie booth sales amount due to USAGSO. If your community is participating in Digital Cookie only, USASGO will send a check to the community for $1.38 per each box of cookie sold in April.

3. When does our community need to pay for our cookies?

Just like in booth sales, each OCMT ultimately earns $1.38 for each box of cookie sold through the Digital Cookie program. This amount should be split between the OC and the troops. USAGSO recommends that individual troops receive a greater portion, when the proceeds are divided.

The cookie invoice and payment instructions will arrive via email the week of February 24. This year, communities will submit cookie payment to USAGSO in two installments. First cookie payment is due March 1 and the final cookie payment is due April 5.

Digital Cookie proceeds will be deducted from the final amount due (last installment) of the community’s cookie booth sales. The OCMT is responsible for distributing the proceeds to the troops accordingly.

4. Can the Troop Leader approve orders if the parent/guardian has not?


5. How do donations (Gift of Caring) work in Digital Cookie?

Cookie donations received through digital cookie will be handled by the Overseas Committee (OC) from their Troop's inventory. ​The OC will donate those cookies to local charity of their choice, military organizations or to first responders within their community.

If an OC does not have cookies in their inventory for donations coming through Digital Cookie, those donations will be handled by USAGSO at the end of the program to be donated to USO, a charitable organization in serving active-duty service members and military families. ​

Using Digital Cookie

1. Do parents approve each edit of the girl’s site?

Yes, on the site setup page. However, girls can update their offline sale and goals on their home page without parent approval.

2. What happens if parents/guardians forget to approve an order?

The order will revert to the customer’s 2nd choice that they selected at checkout.

Safety Information

1. Is participating in the Digital Cookie platform safe for girls?

The Digital Cookie platform emphasizes the safety of both girls and customers. Before girls are allowed to set up their site, they are required to learn about Internet safety through our “Safe Selling for Smart Cookies” video. In addition, girls take an Internet Safety Pledge and parents/caregivers agree to our Terms and Conditions before using the web-based platform. Parents/caregivers must also approve all updates and changes girls make when customizing their Digital Cookie site. Girls using the mobile app that enables them to process cookie sales on-the-go will adhere to the same safety standards as those participating in traditional Girl Scout Cookie sales.

2. Is it safe to enter my credit card information on girls' Digital Cookie platforms? Is there protection against data breaches?

Our systems are fully Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, and consumers can feel absolutely confident that their financial information is not stored. Both the online and mobile platforms of Digital Cookie transmit financial data to credit card processors and “scrub” credit card and other identifiable information from the systems.

3. Are consumers able to find girls' Digital Cookie sites by searching online?

No. We take girls’ safety very seriously! In true Girl Scout style, the girls always initiate the cookie sale. This allows girls to learn from the experience, provide customers with all relevant information about the cookies they are offering, and—most importantly—stay safe. Girls have pledged to only share their Digital Cookie personalized URL with trusted friends and family members.

4. Will Girl Scouts use my information in any other way aside from confirming my order and delivering my cookies? Will my personal information be shared with third parties?

We will not use your information other than to place, confirm, and deliver your order. We do not share personal information with third parties. For purposes of clarity, individuals whose information is obtained by GSUSA through any alternate means shall not be subject to this exception.