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Girl Scout Zuri shares how USAGSO's STEMinist Program Inspires her!

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The first STEMinist session that I ever attended was with Sonya Carey in February. Knowing that I like art and sciences, my mom sent me the link and encouraged me to go to the session. After that session, I asked her for a year pass and never looked back. Learning about STEM applications in animation was a crazy cool experience– to this day, it’s my favorite session of all time. USAGSO’s STEMinist program has become a way for me to learn about what STEM looks like in the real world with real careers. Before the program, I didn’t know how STEM could be used in the field of animation or conservation, or even cosmetics! My second favorite session was with Elizabeth Mendez– I got to make mint chocolate-scented lip balm!

As I mentioned before, I’ve always been interested in STEM and related activities, so this series feeds me in terms of learning about STEM. One of the coolest things we got to do was take the DNA out of a strawberry. The other Girl Scouts in the session had really neat ideas about trying the experiment with different fruit to see how it would work- I tried it with a banana and ended up seeing what banana DNA looked like! Being a part of the STEMinist program has inspired me to learn about other STEM careers, especially careers in places that most people wouldn’t think of. I’ve learned about storm chasers and data visualizers and science photographers. The program has even helped me earn my Water and Space Science Master badges. 

On top of all that, we get to do fun activities during the sessions with real-life STEMinists! During the session with Sarah Wilson, we discovered robots come in many forms and created scales out of household objects. With Dr. Birthe, we did a week-long experiment with food to see how it would rot and what we would do with the food rendered inedible. I was impressed by my fellow Girl Scout’s ideas– and it gave me some things to think about sustainability and waste afterward. The program, in essence, has really inspired me to learn and be curious. Every time I meet one of the amazing women who volunteer to join during STEMinist sessions, I can see myself being in her place one day. It helps me keep pushing forward with my own STEM dreams and plans. And honestly? I hope it helps encourage other girls too.

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