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Reap the benefits of having a full troop!

Do you have currently have less than 12 girls in your troop? If so, you can welcome new members by opening your troop in the Opportunity Catalog!

The Opportunity Catalog allows girls and their families to browse and join available troops in their area. It’s so easy. When a new girl joins your troop, we’ll let you know by email. Then, all you have to do is contact her and invite her to your next meeting.

The Opportunity Catalog is also a GREAT way for your girls to invite their friends to join your troop.

Do you need to make changes to your troop or how it looks in the Opportunity Catalog? Use this form

Staff and volunteers are here to support you and give you the tools you need to make your troop a super success. Remember, when you add new girls, you are also creating more opportunities for adult volunteers to support you and your growing troop!

The catalog will display only your troop number, general meeting area (i.e. school, areas served), meeting time and day of the week. We will never share private contact information on the Opportunity Catalog.

What is the Opportunity Catalog?

The Opportunity Catalog is an online tool that allows girls and families to browse and join available troops in their area based on their grade level, schedule and interests.

Why is my troop in the Opportunity Catalog?

As an organization that teaches girls to be inclusive, friendly and welcoming, troops are strongly encouraged to include their troop in the online Opportunity Catalog. In this spirit of sisterhood, we display all troops with less than 12 girl members in our catalog unless troop co-leaders request otherwise and contact Customer Care regarding their request.

Is our member and troop information safe?

Of course! Personal troop info such as volunteer names, contact information and specific meeting places will remain private.

We have more than 12 girls. Can we add members?

Yes! Email Customer Care and let them know how many girls you are willing to add to your troop and we will add you back into the Opportunity Catalog.

What happens when a girl joins our troop?

When a girl joins your troop, you’ll receive an email with her family’s contact information so you can reach out and welcome them to the troop. When all spaces are filled and your troop reaches capacity, your troop will automatically be removed from the catalog.

What if information about our troop in the Opportunity Catalog is incorrect?

Email Customer Care with your updated information and we will update your listing.

What happens if some of my girls do not renew by September 30?

If any of your existing members do not renew by September 30, their spots will open up to anyone looking for a troop in your area.

For example: if you currently have 12 girls, but only 10 renew by September 30, then your troop will have two girl vacancies listed in the Opportunity Catalog beginning October 1. If a girl renews after September 30, she can still renew into your troop, but there is a possibility that your troop will be above the desired number of girls.

Encourage your girls to complete their registration before others fill their spots! Please consider renewing girls who are undecided. Oftentimes, girls will return after a busy fall season of extracurricular activities. Don’t let any of your treasured members lapse!