Membership Moves or Transfers
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Is a Moving Truck Visiting Your House Soon?

If the answer is "yes", then this page has all the information you need to transfer your Girl Scout membership!

1. Moving Overseas?

The information in this section is for members who are Girl Scout members in the United States and have recently moved overseas.

First of all, welcome to USA Girl Scouts Overseas! We will need to transfer your Girl Scout account to USAGSO. To ensure your overseas transition is a smooth one, please complete the form provided through this link

2. Moving to the United States?

Are you moving back to the U.S.? We are sad to see you go, but happy that you plan to continue with Girl Scouts!

Through the new membership system, we will need to transfer your records to your new council. Please complete the form provided through this link, and we will contact your new council to help you continue your Girl Scout adventure! 

3. Information for Current Members: Moving to Another Country?

Are you a current member of USA Girl Scouts Overseas and moving to a new country? If so, then you just need to contact our customer care team and we will move you to your new overseas community. It's just that easy!