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Just Announced: USAGSO's Virtual Troop Experience


USAGSO is excited to announce that we are developing a Virtual Troop (VT) opportunity. The initial offerings will be for Cadette girls (US grades 6 – 8), but we plan to expand to additional age levels in the near future. Any Cadette girls who are currently registered with Girl Scouts or a WAGGGS sister country may request to join the Virtual Troop (Troop #999), which will be hosted through a secure forum-based platform.  Sign-up for the Virtual Troop today!

Led by experienced troop leaders, girls will be given projects and a timeline to complete badges at home, while interacting with other Cadettes across the globe. The software will allow for discussion boards, online videos, and file exchanges, which will create an interactive, multi-media environment. The Virtual Troop leaders will monitor the discussion boards and posts, check in with the girls weekly, and post videos or other supplemental information throughout the VT track. At the end of each track, a message will be sent to each girl and her guardian letting them know what badges she completed, along with links to purchase the badges through the USAGSO shop.

Examples of girls who might choose the VT option include: girls who are too busy to attend traditional Girl Scout meetings, individually registered members (IRMs) who want more interaction with other girls, girls looking to do badges in addition to what their current troop is offering, WAGGGS members who want to explore GSUSA programming, and girls who want to focus on a specific topic that the Virtual Troop is offering. Girls are welcome to participate even if they’ve already completed the badge work in the VT track of their choosing.

Our Virtual Troop will start with two track options for participating Cadettes: STEM, with a focus on engineering skills, and financial literacy. The Budgeting and Comparison Shopping badges will be completed during the financial literacy track. For the STEM track, we will complete the “Think Like an Engineer” Journey. Girls may choose to join one or both tracks, which each have an estimated time commitment of 2-5 hours per week for 6 weeks. If girls only have time for one track, they can complete the second track at a later time. We also plan to add additional VT leaders, so please consider applying when that call for volunteers is announced!

We cannot wait to see this program come to life and to be able to give girls one more pathway to participate in Girl Scouts. At this time, enrollment in a Virtual Troop will be free for girls who are currently registered with USAGSO or WAGGGS members. Sign-up for the Virtual Troop today!