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International Day of the Girl


Today, as Girl Scout troops are starting to meet and plan their upcoming adventures, we celebrate the United Nation’s International Day of the Girl

This year’s theme, GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable, celebrates the progress girls have made in the last 25 years and amplifies the voices of girls who take a s encourage all girls to amplify their voices and stand up for their rights. According to the United Nations, “Today, girls are moving from dreaming to achieving. More are attending and completing school, fewer are getting married or becoming mothers while still children, and more are gaining the skills they need to excel in the future world of work. Girls are breaking barriers posed by stereotypes and exclusion, including those faced by children with disabilities or living in marginalized communities. As entrepreneurs, innovators and initiators of global movements, girls are leading and fostering a world that is relevant for them and future generations.”

On this very important day, we stand with the United Nations and girls everywhere as they inspire, innovate and take charge of their own future. The need for more female leadership has never been more immediate or more obvious. The 1.1 billion girls of today’s world are challenging the status quo. They’re redefining girlhood, and they’re doing so against the odds. Whether you a Girl Scout parent or a Girl Scout volunteer (or both!), by participating in Girl Scouts, you share in the belief that every girl has the power to change the world.  Let us know how you celebrate this day by submitting your story to USAGSO “Share your Story”.