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Customer Engagement Initiative

We’re so excited to share information about our brand-new Customer Engagement Initiative with you! We've been telling you about the benefits of our new platform. Now, we’re ready to unveil all the amazing features.


Your Personal Invitation 

All current registered adult members and parents/guardians of registered girl members will receive an email telling you about the “Girl Scout Member Community.” USAGSO will move onto the new platform on Monday, August 28, and we want all of our members to be ready for the new year.

Please open this email promptly–it will give you the details you need to create your new user profile in the GS Member Community, or “My GS.”  This will be the place where you update your personal profile information.

Note: When accessing the community, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome. Can’t find the email? Be sure to check your SPAM folder


Simplified Troop Management

The new online Volunteer Toolkit (VTK), will help troop volunteers get what they need, when they need it! Troops can plan out their whole year and access a roster of all troop member information and access tools to facilitate communication between parents and troop leaders, all from a computer or mobile device.  The VTK is designed to help improve the girl and volunteer experience. These online resources help volunteers work with their troops to plan troop activities their troop loves to do and coordinate these activities with a Journey.  You have access to the VTK through “My GS.”

Note: The VTK is a troop management tool and will only be fully customizable to troop volunteers. Parents can view the VTK if their daughter is in a troop. Currently the VTK has meeting contents for Daisy, Brownie, and Junior years. Troop Leaders of older girls will have access to VTK and are encouraged to work with the girls to develop their year plans directly into the system. VTK content for Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador years is under development at GSUSA.


The Opportunity Catalog 

The new online Opportunity Catalog will allow parents and volunteers to search for troops, locations and meeting days that work for them and show the volunteer positions that need to be filled to get the troop off the ground. Our goal is to assign volunteers to troops within a week of expressing interest, instead of the 4 to 6-week process of our previous system.


Especially for our Volunteers

Girl Scout volunteers are the heart of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. They extend the reach of Girl Scout values into our communities, support our girl members in their development and add a special vibrancy to our 104-year-old movement. Each of you plays an important role in helping build girls of courage, confidence and character who truly make the world a better place.

What is CEI?

The Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) is a new way of engaging and communicating with our amazing volunteers, caregivers and girls. This exciting initiative consists of three online tools: a refreshed website, an all-new membership registration system, and a groundbreaking Volunteer Toolkit for K-5 troops (with additional age-level programming to come!).

What are the benefits of CEI?

Girl Scouts of the USA has invested in new tools and technology for councils, designed to improve the adult and girl experience and keep members at the center of our process. Members can expect:

  • A faster and easier joining (and renewal!) experience for girls and adult volunteers. The process of becoming a volunteer – from signing up to being appointed to a troop – can take as little as one week instead of four to six weeks!
  • A simplified volunteer experience, with planning and administrative tasks taking less than half the time as before (from 200 hours per year to fewer than 100) so volunteers can focus on the fun of working with girls!
  • Better communication with USAGSO to ensure families and volunteers are having a great experience and have the support they need. Our customer care process will provide consistent phone and email support. There will be a full team of USAGSO membership experts to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Once CEI is fully implemented at USAGSO, you will have one portal for membership and for troop meeting planning.
How will the log-in experience change and can members use their current online account?

When we roll out CEI in August, all contacts will receive an email with instructions for creating an account. Members will need to create a new log-in to use this tool, but all account information will have been imported from our current database. Once you have created your new account and log-in, you will be able to sign into your account through On the far-right top of the page, you will see a link called “My GS.” When you click the link, you will go directly to your login page. The “MyGS” tab is where you will access your individual account information. Through “MyGS” you can renew your membership, update your mailing address, add new family memberships to your account, and more. 

Will members have to input all of their troop information in the new database?

Our staff has already migrated all of the member data from our old database. You will only need to make changes if and when your troop membership changes. If it’s not already in the system, we’ll also ask you to update your troop meeting information (date/location/time/grade level). 

How will members register for camp and programs?

The new membership registration system does not currently support activity registrations, so USAGSO will continue to offer alternative platforms for camp and program registration. All of this information can be found on the USAGSO website. 


To learn more about CEI, please read the full list of Frequently Asked Questions.