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Volunteer Learning & Support

The following are required adult learning trainings. 


Girl Scouting 101:  New and improved from GS University, this training is interactive and can be taken at your own speed. Click on the link above to find out about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, safety, how to communicate with girls and more!


USA Girl Scouts Overseas 101: Explore USA Girl Scouts Overseas and learn how Girl Scouts work on this side of the pond.  

The following are recommended adult learning trainings. 


Going Outdoors:  Before taking your Girl Scout camping, click on the links below to learn the process for progression for going outdoors. After visiting the links below, find an expert camper in your community to practice those fire building and cooking skills before you head out into the wilderness. 

Leave No Trace | Venture Out

Thanks to a grant from the Elliott Wildlife Values Project, we’ve created six new outdoor skill-building videos especially for volunteers newer to Girl Scouts and older Girl Scouts as they take younger girls outside.

These videos can help volunteers give girls a sense of empowerment in the outdoors, show them how to use natural resources more wisely (including respecting our environment and wildlife), and help them become lifelong stewards of the land and our natural resources.


Leading Girls:  This training has been transformed and updated with great information on how to utilize the Girls Guide to Girl Scouts and Journey books! Click the link above for the recorded webinar.


Girl Scout Gold Award Training: Girls in grades 9-12 have the opportunity to earn the highest award in Girl Scouts called the Girl Scout Gold Award. Once earned, girls can get scholarships and enter into the military 1 rank higher. This training will explain how to guide older girls through the process and how to use the required online system.