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Lady Baden Powell Award

Over 50 Years ago, Lady Baden-Powell, one of the most influential women in Scouting visited Panama and created the Lady Baden-Powell Award in order to foster stronger international friendships between USA Girl Scouts living abroad and other Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

Today, in nearly 100 countries around the world, we have USA Girl Scouts who have the opportunity to earn this special award in partnership with their sister host nation WAGGGS organization. USA Girl Scouts Overseas is proud to release the newly revised Lady Baden-Powell Award requirements and procedures.

Leadership is the focus of Girl Scouting and the Lady Baden-Powell Award recognizes those who work to bring USA Girl Scouts together with their sister host nation WAGGGS organization. These young leaders work together to Discover more about themselves and others, Connect to define and address a community issue, and Take Action to make a viable impact in that community.

In Lady Baden-Powell’s honor, we continue to use the 5 “C’s” in conjunction with  the Girl Scout Leadership Experience’s three keys to Leadership—Discover, Connect, and Take Action–as the foundation for the Lady Baden-Powell Award.

Whats New


The Lady Baden-Powell Award is approved by a volunteer committee comprised of volunteers from each region of USAGSO.
The award requirements are directly connected to outcomes of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.


The Lady Baden-Powell Award Group consists of a minimum of two representatives. One from the USA Girl Scouts Overseas and one from the host nation WAGGGS association.


The Lady Baden-Powell Awards may be purchased at your regional USAGSO shops after confirmation of approval of final report.


An email address specifically for Lady Baden-Powell Award applications, final reports, questions, and comments has been created at

All Lady Baden-Powell Award applications submitted after February 1, 2013 should be submitted following the new requirements and using the new forms.

For questions regarding the Lady Baden Powell Award please contact